anybody ever rent a billboard?

I’ve been talking to a company with a big electronic billboard about 6 blocks down the street from us. it’s a 10 second add the runs at least every 60 second 24-7. it seems like a good idea but they want $1300 a month with a 6 month agreement. what do you guys think? Anyone have any luck with billboards? I’ve never used one before. this the the location profile:

the great thing about this sign is that the street we are on is a main artery to Wrigley Field and on Cubs game day it is packed with traffic.

As with any advertising what works in one place may not work in another. I had a mini billboard (6’x10’) for a year on the main cross street that runs in from of my shop. I asked customers what they thought on the sign. Most said they didn’t notice it.

I took the money I was spending on the sign and used it to get unique delivery vehicles. Almost everyone in town knows my vehicles because they are eye catching and on the move. They go where the customers are. I think this is better than having to rely on the customers noticing a static display that has become part of the background noise.