Anybody ever use Menu Mon for 11x17 full color menus?

good/bad…the examples seem comparable to CFM and Pizza Promo but I figure the shipping would be cheaper as they are US?
I am paying approx .14 for my full color 11x17 tri fold menu now

I’m re-ordering shortly. I’m in Philly, they are too. Strikes me as the kind of operation that closes overnight which is a little scary since they( very convenient) store them for you until you’re ready to mail. That’s .25 per piece btw. Also, quality is good not great. Price is right though, 25,000 11x17 full color for $1,750 plus $200-300 one time set-up charge.

CFM is charging me 5 cents each for 8.5X12.5 single fold plus shipping. Their shipping estimate amounts to less than a penny each. Don’t know what quantity you order at once, but it seems you could do better price wise.

that is the price I get from CFM with shipping

Like the price . . . dislike the ‘canned’ design thing. Will they do the same pricing for my own design and layout?

Paying 14 cents for the same menu/photos someone else has just isn’t as appealing to ME AND MY SHOP as a little higher price for a customized piece that fits into our overall marketing and design themes. Others have a different business model and budget in mind, which works well for them. It all makes the world go 'round and a makes a marketplace for all those printers/designers.

You can use your own pictures instead of their theme. Question: Have you ever seen a CFM menu in another pizza shop? I have yet to, so I seriously doubt any of my customers have.

Yes. I have seen two in the past month or so, actually. :shock: And it surprised me.

I am aware that I have seen maybe one a year . . . we used travel and eat at pizza places a lot . . . but it is still somone else’s model and design that isn’t a good fit with our concept and marketing scheme. For those who look for a simple, pizza themed design, these are great. If they fit your plan, then game on! They will make a good impression in nearly every marketplace, I would assume. Maybe even mine, but I’m going a different direction.

menu mon is $1450 for 25,000 at 11x17 after the $300 set-up charge.,…good luck