anybody have late model 1451's for sale, resonably?

I’m opening a new place and looking for a pair of Lincoln 1451’s. I’d like to find 2003 or newer ovens. Don’t really want to pay $25000 for new ovens and remanufactured ovens scare me. Used propane ovens seem to be hard to find. At least the big ones are. Any comments ? Help? or Direction?

I was told by middleby that refurbed was 100% new except the shell which reasonably thinking,could never go bad as all it is is Stainless steel.
I plan on Buying a set of 1450’s for my place.

How bout some near new XLT Bofi?

Hi Derek: The interior bottom under the conveyor belt on a Middleby
PS 360 is not stainless it is some kind of aluminized steel. I have seen many rotted completely through. I an positive Middleby would have replaced that panel if required on their referbished units.

Just a note the Lincoln 1450 oven has an absolute production limit of for instance 14" pizzas at 6 minute bake of 116 pizzas for a double oven.
A MM 360 or XLT 3255 can produce 156. That additional 40 pies per hour can add up to a lot of profit.

Well how about 16" pizzas?Any numbers on them?

What size and how much?

Well how about 16" pizzas?Any numbers on them?

In the Lincoln oven 16" pizzas 5 minute bake = 60 per hour per deck 6 minute bake 50 per hour
MMPs360 XLT 3255 at 5 minute= 81 At 6 minute bake = 68 That is maximum use of belt space.

Any others?

George Mills

I believe any competent service man can convert ovens from natural gas to propane for a nominal fee. Phone arround and see if there is one in you area.
Geoge Mills