anybody interested in SEO service let me know

Anyone here interested in SEO service for the local business let me know… iam currently starting a SEO business on the side dealing more with small businesses… if you are interested PM and i can help you out… very cheap prices and i can give you sample of business i’ve done… i will give the prices special for this forum since i’ve been a member of this forum for a long time and everyone here is very helpful…

Ok I will be the one to ask…What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization.

Assuring your website design is search-engine friendly so your site is high on the list of search returns for pizza in your area, without having to pay for a placed ad with Google, or other search engines.

thank you pizza garden… sorry i should’ve explained what it is… like pizza garden said, its pretty much taking your website and putting in on top of your competitors so when a customer looks for example pizza in richmond va example you come up first… and also i work on the google local places which is totally different than the organic searches… example if you go to google and type: pizza in millis, pizza in holliston, pizza in norfolk ma

you will see that Louie’s Pizzeria is in the top 3 spots in those keywords… and in millis, number one spot in the local searches