anybody sprinkling anything on their sauce before cheeseing?

when I switched from Grande cheese to a milder tasting cheese, I started sprinkling the sauce with a blend of parmesan and romano grated cheeses for a taste boost, to get it back closer to the full flavor of Grande, and it was somewhat effective

…now that I have switched back to Grande cheese, I do not need to do it

is there anything I can sprinkle on my sauce that would be effective with the Grande cheese ?

my sauce is mild, 6N1 or 7/11 crushed tomatoes, lightly seasoned with salt, pepper, sweet basil, and lemon juice…
all my seasonings added together are only about 1.5 ounce per #10 can of tomatoes…
most customers like it, a few say spice it up on the sauce and I can do that on an individual basis.

anybody else sprinkling their sauce ?

Otis :slight_smile: