Anybody use Thrive by grandbury systems?

I just watched some of their videos and thier pizza ordering screen is awesome. I have no idea what it costs. Id like to check it out. Right now my choice is point of success

Looks like a fancied up PROFITS.

Is that you Larry? :wink:

Um …no its me warren. And it was a legit question. Has anybody here used it?

Thrive has a load of issues. They run FireFly POS on the backside. I have many friends that work in support at Granbury Restaurant Solutions. Although all of them are good people, they are very limited by budgets and a lot of bugs in Thrive and FireFly. Do yourself a faovor and look for a different solution. If you need a robust system, I would look more closely at Speedline, Revention or even Point of Success.
For tips on selecting a good point-of-sale system AND provider, consider reading the article I wrote on the topic “Choosing the Best POS Software and Provider”.
Best of Luck!

Thanks Kevin Point of Success is allready at the top of my list. It will probably be the route I go. Still waiting on that perfect loacation to open up.

Warren, I thought I’d add a key point when purchasing Point of Success. They are primarily a “Dealer Based” POS system. It is important to remember the Point of Success only offers tech support 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. Because restaurants are busiest in the evenings and weekends, I highly recommend you select top rated dealer with support hours that match your business hours. For help selecting POS hardware at reduced prices, and getting the correct hardware the first time, you can call me at POSshopper
Best of luck Warren!

Thrive is the worst headache I have ever had!! We recently installed in 2 stores in Wisconsin and constant problems. extreme waste of money and my time. Please look elsewhere for pos system

What were the specific problems you experienced? Are you still with them?

I installed 5 months ago. I probably put 50 hours of my time into the menu build. They offered guidance but did little of the work. I also had to do many hours of the Thrive online build too. I have had too many issues to list here. I had to pay for Tech support monthly and I have probably sent in 50 Tech requests since we started using. My Salad items havent worked for 2 months. I believe their problem lies in that they use a Browser based software. They use firefox. I think every time firefox updates they have problems. They have very unstable software. It was a large investment for us and im stuck with them for a while. I will switch to something else asap.

Hi Warren! Full disclosure here, per my avatar, I work for Granbury/Thr!ve in our marketing department…just want to put that out there so I can be as transparent as possible.

I realize this thread started a ways back, but I just wanted to address what I can! @pizza1234, I reached out on another thread but I wanted to follow up here as well…I definitely want to tackle any issues you may be having with your system.

As far as Kevin’s feedback, I think the changes we have implemented in the past year as well as the development strides with the product have really set Thr!ve as the solution to beat (in my biased opinion ;)). But really, we just launched a new website with tons of resources and info, so take a look around and let me know if I can provide any information at all.