Anybody using a Doyon PIZ6 or PIZ3 for pan style pizzas?

For a whole host of reasons: Only have max 60amp single phase power available, no gas or propane allowed in building etc etc the PIZ6 oven is the only thing I can find that has the production I need. I just want to hear from somebody who has it and cooks panstyle pizza (without having to “deck it” to finish).

Hi Boatnut;
I know of no one using that type oven. Doyon builds good equipment so I think there would be little quality of construction problems. Their literature does not indicate exactly how they get an even distribution of the hot air they are using to bake so I cannot comment on that. Ovens using a similar system for baking pizzas have not been greatly successful.

This system has the same basic problem as all non conveyor ovens, the oven does not eject the pizza when done to perfection. Some operator must guess as to when the pizza is baked the way it should be.

I would believe 2 Lincoln 1300 series ovens would be better.

George Mills

Thanks for the response. I looked at that option,however, I need the ability to cook at least six 14" at once. We have some standing orders as large as 18 x 14" and by the time the last two come out the first two would have been sitting an hour! Personally I think a more “real world” way to rate ovens would be time and number per “batch”. The PIZ6 is the only oven I can find with enough production that will operate on a single 60 amp single phase breaker ( That’s all that is available, period!).

Sounds logical to me:

As no one on this forum has any knowledge of these ovens please let us know how the work out.

George Mills

Will do… Thanks again .

My Doyon PIZ6 will be in today. I am looking forward to it. I was stuck in the same boat as you boatnut. Only single phase and no gas. Cannot wait to try it. I will let you know how it does.

I might be just about as excited as you! And jealous. Looking forward to you telling me its a thing of lovely…

Came in yesterday. Still sitting on the floor though. Man this thing is a brute. I am really excited now. Just opening and closing the doors…you can sense quality. I say that now, but I may hate it 6 months down the road. It sure is nice looking though.

I swear I’m as excited as you! Did you get the wire racks or the regular decks? Love to know how it cooks a pan style pizza in non perforated pan… Thanks,

Comment : I would be interested in how fast an oven full of say 12" pizzas can bake.

George Mills

Doyon lists production for 18" pizzas at 60 per hour. Going from the dimensions, it can hold 6 at a time so they are basing that on a 6 minute bake time. I will let you know.

Hi George, they do not list the option anywhere, however, according to the factory they do offer it. I am about 80% ready to pull the trigger. Waiting for Wiseguys review. Hoping he’ll try a pan style pizza in there and report! I’m told that if you set a pan on some kind of rack to elevate it from the deck it will simulate having the wire rack option. I guess it’s all about air circulation under the pan?

Baked the first couple of pies today. This thing rocks. Good bake. Fast. No cheese burning. Very happy with the preliminaries. The nickel decks in this thing must weigh 80lbs each! Its a brute. No worry of cold spots. Again, just preliminaries, but I am very happy.

Hi Wiseguy, did you bake those pies in pans, on perforated discs or right on the decks?

Hey Wiseguy,

I also am very interested in the Doyon oven. I am actually going to test one on Tuesday of next week because the oven sounds like smart technology.

They tell me you can put one pie after another without recovery issues and produce a great crust all night long, is that true?

My customers just do not want to see a conveyor.

I gotta know what you think, I am in NY and am always in pursuit of better equipment! Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi Y-yo, do you cook pan style? If so I would be really appreciative if you could let me know the outcome of your test. I have seen results on perforated discs and seem to be fine. However, have been told that it may have a problem cooking pan style (stacking 1 1/2" tall pan). Any report would be helpfull.
I would be more than willing to reimburse you for time and ingredients if you were to try a pan style for me! Clive.

Hey Boatnut,

Where is wiseguy? He seemed very excited about the oven and I was hoping he would give us some feedback.

But anyway, I am going to test the oven to see if it can handle one pie after another on the same spot.

I am bringing with me 12 each of 16" regular hand tossed crusts, 6 (1.5") deep anodized aluminum pan pizzas (from with thick crust and 6 pan pizzas with thin crust.

If this thing can do what the manufacturer says it can do, I am ordering 4 of them on the spot. :smiley:

Checking for time, quality of bake, ease of use, heat up time, etc. Anything else you want me to check?

How did that test go? I also tested one with wire racks and then nickel plate decks. Cooked my deep dish pan style pizzas in 7.5 min at 475. Rack vs deck did not seem to make a difference? We do use a lot of oil in our pans so both browned the bottom acceptably. Very happy, ordered a PIZ6. Will be here next week and I will report outcome.

Opened up March 3rd. Haven’t really had time to be on here. Trying to be a Pizza Shop Owner, a Husband , and a Dad to two boys leaves barely enough time to breathe. Love the oven, incredible bake. Best pies I’ve ever tasted…(Biased)…:wink: Have kept in touch with Boatnut through PM’s. I believe that this is THE oven to have. I did not want conveyor ovens and a traditional stone deck had too many downsides that this one takes care of.

Temp: 465
Bake time: 5:30
Heat up time: 20 minutes
Ease of use: One knob, one button…Seriously, set temp and time and it remembers them. Turn the knob to turn it on in the morning. When you place a pie in…hit the button to start the timer…when the buzzer goes off, hit the button again to stop it…repeat hundreds of times and then turn the knob off before you go home.