Anybody using Adwords?

Has any one been use Google Adwords? Any pros and cons?
What has been successfull for you? Any feedback would be appreciated.


I’ve looked into using Adwords but haven’t done so yet as within a month of launching my website I find our store listed on the first page of Google search results. Bear in mind, I’m in Tokyo selling NY style pizza, so don’t have a lot of competition along those lines. However, I would suggest really paying attention to your meta key words, tags, page descriptions, etc. Not a bad idea to have a page for every item on your menu. Of course, these don’t have to be listed on your menu bar but are a part of your site, so if someone clicks on an item on your menu they will be brought to that page . . . which will have a description of that item along with many plugs for your product and place. Each page should be different, but the idea is that when Google or the other search engines crawl your site they keep coming across key words, and the more pages you have the more key words you can get in there. As for Adwords, although I haven’t used it yet, it seems you can set up a campaign for as little as a few bucks a day, so I would think you have nothing to lose in trying it. But I think a lot would depend on the size of your market (i.e., if you’re in a town of 5000 is web advertising worth it?).