anybody using broaster fryer and products

anybody using the broaster products along with your pizza sales. Have you been able to do any grouping or combos on take out and deliveries that increase the average ticket.

I noticed that nobody has answered so I will even though I don’t have a Broaster product. I went with the Henny Penny pressure fryer because the dealer for them was just much more solid here in Az, plus I liked the HP over the Broaster anyway. I am also not open yet, but here is what I am planning on doing… I am going to offer fried chicken with my lunch buffet to increase the value as well as the sale price. There is a place here in Tucson called Lucky Wishbone and they offer family meals in big boxes. They offer fried chx, steak fingers, chx tenders, shrimp, and they are all served with sides of fries, garlic texas toast, and coleslaw. They come in all sorts of sizes and mixtures, and I think they would deliver great while at the same time being something different for a change instead of pizza every night. You might want to check out their webpage at to see what you think. I wish you luck!


Are you going franchise with the buffet or from the ground up on your own? If on your own are you worried about EatzaPizza and their brand name in AZ?


 I am going ground up on my own with the intention of franchising my concept at some point.  I am only doing buffet during lunch M-F, and I am thinking of doing a breakfast buffet on the weekends, plus my store concept is really pretty different as well.  I am not worried about EatzaPizza at all!  The store that was closest to where I am building went belly up over a year ago, and if someone wants to put one near me they will be paying about $25/foot in rent plus about $4/foot in NNN.  I think the only EatzaPizza left in town is about as far away from me as you can get.  I think that if you think out your concept really well, and execute it as good or better, you really don't have much to worry about.  I have been dreaming of this place for about four years now and actually working on it in reality for about two years, so hopefully I have come up with something that will at least pay the bills! LOL!  Are you going for the Eatza Pizza type of place?  Good luck!