anybody using these new boxes


Never heard of it and never seen it anywhere. If it costs less and can hold a heavy pizza like mine, I would be all for it. However, I’ve seen examples of this type of product before that don’t hold up as well.

Hi guys:

I do not use pizza boxes so I know little about them.

I do know John Correll who is promoting them and would indicate that he is, in my opinion, a gentleman with integrity.

George Mills

It is just a design. He is not selling them.

All he’s really selling is the idea that if you switch to a flimsier E-fluted box, that has half the cardboard of a B-fluted box, you will pay less and save more trees. And that his box design gives more ridigity to an E-flute box, so the customer doesn’t think his getting the El-Cheapo box and won’t have the pizza slide out of the box, before he even gets out of the door.

Regardless, the steam from the pizza is going to mess up an E-fluted box, warp it, make it soggy, etc.

looks nice