Anybody with experience with selling slices in stadiums?

Hey Everybody,

Has anyone sold in stadiums? We have an opportunity to be a vendor for one of the local sports teams in our area. Any feedback would be appreciated. The previous vendor sold 75,000 slices last year.


I am the pizza vendor for the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO. We did 8" individual pizzas and sold 5500 pizzas over the 5 home games.

I guess it all matters on how much you have to do on site. Are you manning the booth? Is the full assembly of equiptment on site?

We figured out how to parbake our pies and store in the cooler until game day then they were baked (both parbake and final bake settings on the ovens were the same - 470° for 3:30) and worked out to make it very easy to deal with.

We do slice pies for the high school sports in our areas too. Not that many per game and those are cooked at our shop and sent to the site. We dont do the selling as it is the schools handling that.

I had a pizza store in Seattle. King County wanted 65% of Gross Sales for me to have a location or locations in the King Dome. Instead I had three(3) locations outside the King Dome with NO(0%) going to King County other than standard sales tax. We sold on the average 1000-1500 pizzas(11") per game at $5.00 per pizza(single topping; P, S and Cheese). The total cost of the pizza at the time were about $1.75 to $2.25.

Pizza in the box sold better than the slice on the plate per my experience.

Good Luck!

When I worked for Domino’s in college, we had the contract for a local baseball league. We sold small whole pizza for $5. They baked them at the shop and ran them over to the stadium. Attendance wasn’t very high, and I think the most we sold was 200 in a night, but it was profitable and I enjoyed getting out of the shop for a few hours while still being on the clock.