Just starting out in the industry and have a relatively simple question.
To achieve a 12inch pizza, what size coupe style pizza pan do I need?
Do I need a 13inch or a 14inch?

Any suggestions appreciated

If you are asking what size pan is needed to make a “true” 12-inch diameter pizza this will depend to some extent upon the characteristics of your dough as some will shrink back more than others. Most use a 12-inch pan to make a 12-inch pizza, which might actually be closer to 11.5 inches in diameter after baking. If you want to have a true, 12-inch pizza you will probably need to go with something closer to a 12.5-inch diameter pan. Pick-up a couple 12-inch and 12.5-inch diameter pans to do your initial test baking with, then order the size that works best for you. Be aware that these sizes may or may not be available from all suppliers, so be sure to discuss pan size availability with youe selected supplier. Remember, the quarter pounder from McDonalds has a 4-ounce piece of meat in the sandwich (weighed before cooking) so there is nothing wrong with a 12-inch pizza (before baking) that has a finished/baked diameter of something less than 12-inches. It sure beats the cost of custom sized pans. Then again, you might use a pan size 1-inch larger in diameter than your advertised pizza size (bake your 12-inch pizzas in a 13-inch pan and advertise it as “bigger is better”. Keep in mind though that you will probably be putting more ingredients onto the larger diameter dough skin so your cost might be a little greater than your neighbors 12-inch pizza.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for your comments Tom. I’m actually located in Japan and a very big fan of yours, appreciate the input.