anyoen make there own mozzarella

so ive been pondering this for a while, figured id see if anyone else has tried it. i have made mozzarella at home, and loved it, and its not a very hard process. i figure if i could put 40-50 minutes a day aside to make it, and come up with 3-4 lbs of yield per day, i could do caprese salad, real margharitta pizza, hell all kinds of apps could be done as well.

so has anyone else tried it? what worked? what didn’t work?


Sounds like a great plan.

My only concern would be if your health department would look down on it, unless you made it in your store.

I know in my state, if I brought in fresh tomatoes to my PJ, being it’s not a regulated item being it was from my home garden, that store could get into some deep doo doo.

We use the Grande Ovaline fresh mozzarella. We use about 6 pounds per week, doing the caprese salad and magherita pizza. I couldn’t use 3 pounds per day, even if I wanted to…but thats my market.

I would caution you about 1 thing though, 40-50 minutes per day is a significant portion of time to devote to something as “fringe” of fresh mozzarella…unless its the THING you want to be known for.

In other words, consider this math. We get 12 balls in a 3 pound tub. Best case for me would be if they all went to 14" margherita pizzas, which would be about 8 pizzas, at $18.50 each, or $148 in sales. Only you know if that is an efficient use of your time…

Let us know how it goes