Anyone cooking raw meats in there conveyor ovens?

Hello, we are talking about cooking our own italian sausage threw our conveyors at the pizza shop, on a cookie sheet

Will this work? i was thinking we would cover it with foil so it does not dry out, will this work ok?

its a ground pork sausage and we would season it in a big pot and them put it on the cookie sheet

I do exactly what you are proposing and it works out just fine. I don’t cover it with foil and I don’t think it’s too dry, but I think you’d have to experiment with that as I’m sure our oven settings our different.

We also use fresh sausage on most of our pizzas and it gets completely cooked in the conveyor - something I was extremely skeptical about.

We’re also doing fine (still in the trial and testing phase) with using a fresh sausage on our pizzas with an XLT oven. I think one of the keys is to get a decent thumb-print type of pinch on the meat as you place it so it’s not to balled up and thus, more likely to not cook through.

ok thanks all, are any of you having issues with the health department or the city, cooking grease products in a class 2 hood, meaning no fire suppression system.

My hood only takes out heat as its not a full blown line style hood .

I guess no one would really notice if you did not say anything about it

what temps and times are you cooking your meat at??

i guess chicken would work also?

Yeah, exactly. The thinness of the sausage is critical.

I’m also cooking in an XLT. It’s configured for thin crust as full open on the bottom, 1,3,6 on top. Entry burner is at 410, exit burner is at 470 ad it runs for 6:40.

I can’t comment on the hood. Our city required us to put a Class I hood into this location without even knowing we used fresh sausage. That was a nice $8,000 surprise.


What size Xlt do you have? I am still having issues with mine,I have a 3255,2007model…I did buy it used,and I also do thin crust pizza,I also have bottom open and use 1,3,5 on top,how do you know the temp on entry and exit,like I said I bought this oven used and dont really now much and how to configure it…

We have a 3270 - I should have mentioned that. The 3270 is a dual burner model and you can adjust them independently. You won’t be able to do that with the 3255.

Also, sorry… I made a typo on my post. The top is 1-3-5 like you, not 1-3-6. There isn’t a six so you probably figured that out :slight_smile:

We initially had a problem with our crust getting crispy. We had just toted the recipe over from our first store (deck ovens) and thought it would work. Tom Lehmann gave me the advice of cutting the amount of oil in half and that did a great job.

CDG5, can’t help you much on configuration, we’re still playing with our pre-owned 3255 as well. Using the basic set up the manual recommended was browning our tops way too fast. I’ve made another change out on the fingers and will play some more this week.

On the original topic, we’re blessed with a community where I can run the meats through w/o a suppression system. I was local fire chief for many years here so I know that neither of the other two shops in town are protected on their ovens either. I should also have added that we usually do par-fry our sausage for use in our deep-dish pies, seems to help keep the oiling down a bit. We haven’t yet tried our ovens out with those yet, it may turn out that the tremendous air flow will abate the oiling anyway.

One thing I was a bit unprepared for was the amount of noise coming off this oven! As soon as we make it big I’m thinking about buying one of their newer models. I worked with them before and they are amazingly quiet in comparison!