Anyone Cooking Their Bacon in a Deck Oven?

We’ve been buying pre-cooked bacon which we warm/crisp up in the oven to order. For cost reasons, we’d like to start cooking it from a raw state in the oven. One thought is to put them on a dough pan, cover with steak weights (to prevent shrinkage), and pop in the oven.

This seems too heavy and I don’t want to have grease spattering all over the oven.

Anyone have a great procedure to share?
How bout those microwave gadgets?

I think you really need to take a look at the cost/labor/utility factors…precooked may seem more expensive, but…

with bacon at 3.5 a lb…i tried the cooking it my self route…between loosing weight during cooking…the mess it makes cleaning and labor…plus be careful with that much grease in your oven…

When I first opened, I cooked bacon from raw in the oven on a sheet pan. After weighing it out before and after cooking I found that I was close to paying the same per pound as I would be buying it precooked with a lot less labor involved. Not worth the hassle in my shop.

I find that shrinkage will happen no matter what I do. I have cooked bacon in oven many times by laying out as you describe and baking at a slow temp . . . think 325F . . . until done and crisp. It takes a little longer, but I don’t get nearly as much shriveling, and I get a better rendering of the fat. Thick cut will take a little longer than a ‘normal’ cut.

We currently use a pre-cooked crumble for pizzas . . . cost effective and cleaner.

We have a few different fully cooked bacon options available. If you are interested I can have a salesperson call you to discuss them.

Seems my initial thoughts were right then – too much of a hassle.

we just started cooking our own bacon. we were using the precooked. it taste soo much better. we lay it on oven safe papers, on our sheet pans and it cooks great.

We cook our own as well but we use a range and place the strips on a sheet pan and only par cook to 60 percent. Our customers really appreciate the difference and love it.

for me and my pizza, the topping I use is really good quality, sonsitency and flavor. For you and your uses, it might very well be that you can bake it to make your own. If you have a shift or two where staff are prepping, then having an oven on and baking the strips while they are working means you get more bang for your prep dollar. You get to decide if bacon is a critical value item, either that it can hold back your customer impressions . . . or can it be jacked up to get enough higher impression to be worth the process of doing it.

I’ll get some bacon this weekend and see if it is enough better to change over.

Spilling that grease one time will make your staff rethink if it’s worth it :slight_smile: Mainly it will teach somone to be more careful next time.

I am speaking of bacon for sandwiches, not pizza. Way to much prep to do it for pizza.

we use it for both pizzas and sandwiches

I suspected that was the case since a factory can cook much more efficiently and I am sure has a market for the leftover bacon grease.

I agree 100%. Until this post we use to do our bacon ourselves. After reading this post I went and got some factory cooked. wow what a difference. We have changed to fully cooked.