Anyone direct venting?

I am looking at the Baker’s Pride manual here and it says direct venting is available,but not CE approved. Do you need CE approval if you still have CSA certification?

Is this a true direct vent, as in you can just go directly out the wall on an outside wall instead of up?? I imagine this could save considerably on installation and should eliminate the need for a hood(??). Hope you guys are not sick of my dumb questions yet !!! :oops:

I am currently direct venting, but am going to be installing a hood at some point in the near future. All that a direct vent really does is vent out gas vapors, it doesn’t do much for heat.

Thanks, that is a great point. Could you tell me which oven you are using out of curiosity?

I have a stack of one 451 on the bottom with a 301 on top.

Hi PJ:

In the USA, direct venting is not an option; The Task of kitchen ventilation is to remove cooking vapors primarily and heat as a secondary benefit. It is irrelevant as to wether the heat source is gas or electric.

Just putting the flue out the wall does nothing to remove cooking vapors nor heat. Also a flue alone does not remove all the gas vapors and an adverse condition can result.

Note also any gas fired appliance that requires a flue is not efficiently burning the gas and the flue is supposed to get rid of or reduce, to tolerable levels, the amount of unburned gas remaining.

The most modern ovens burn gas so efficiently that they do not have flues.

George Mills

I talked to the guy at and he said they are so well insulated there is no need for a hood. I was not sure that even if it wasn’t required by the manufacturer that code would allow this.

I do know that flue or no flue you will need to exhaust the carbon monoxide.

PJ States: Talked to the guy at and he said they are so well insulated there is no need for a hood. I was not sure that even if it wasn’t required by the manufacturer that code would allow this.

GM: Manufactures claims have no influence on building codes. Check with your Building and Health departments. Also with your fire marshal he may require a fire protection system.

George Mills

I’ll have to check it out. He was pretty adamant about the lack of need for a hood and he is also located in NJ . With all of the comments about how hot the ovens are and how none of them stay at the desired temperature I am surprised to not hear much about these ovens. From what I understand this oven only had 128k BTU for all 4 decks and supposedly really do not lose temperature even when fully loaded.

at a shoprite near me i noticed they have a small bakers pride the pipe comes out of the oven about 6" diameter and it goes right threw the wall . oh and it looks like some type of blower cut into the pipe to push the air out .there is no hood. only hood over stove fryer. im getting 602 bakers pride getting hood.

Pull the other one.

Did you actually witness it?

Really, not to be a wiseguy here. I truly cannot understand why any fire marshal might require a fire protection system over an oven along with an exhausthood (range/stove yes for open flame). Seems to me if (and I think this is a big if) a fire should start it would be inside the oven, I think all the suppressant would do, is make a mess. Just my thought.

Cream puff states: I truly cannot understand why any fire marshal might require a fire protection system.

GM: I agree that fir protection for a pizza oven is not essential. In fact, unless there has been a recent change, the national building code does not require fire protection for pizza ovens. There are thousands of Pizza ovens out there without fire protection. If there has ever been a fire in a pizza oven I am not aware of it.

Despite the above, many fire marshals are requiring fire protection for pizza ovens. Guess its the CYA syndrome.

George Mills

I have never seen the Vero Forno in person but I am going to go check it out.

The difference is that it has 12" of insulation vs I think about 5" in a standard baker’s pride. Pizza of the Month uses this and has very good things to say about it. The potential savings is a lot depending on usage, considering the oven is only 128k BTU vs 120k BTU per deck. The lack of need for a hood is just a side thing.


Quick question…
What can I do to help with the heat on my Bakers Pride Y602’s? It is just soooooooo hot im the kitchen!
We have a hood system, do I need a bigger fan or something??


Case in point right??

Hi Pizza pad

In order to advise you I need to know, what type of hood do you have? Is it a canopy type that covers the entire oven or a cap type that protrudes just over the front of the oven/ If a canopy, what is the distance around the perimeter, If the rear of the canopy is against a wall, do not include that portion in the measurement.

I would also need to know what the CFM of your exhaust fan, what type and the volume of your make up air unit is, if you have one. Also what is your A/C tonnage and last but not least the size of your buildin?

George mills

Hi Paul:

I would need more information to make a recommendation.

Is your Hood a canopy style that hangs above oven.

If so measure the perimeter of the hood if it backs too a wall, do not include the side against the wall.

If some other type of hood pleas explain,

I also need to know the CFM you fan exhausts.

Do you have a make up air system ? If so does you make up air unit have a cooling system for summer?

What size is your A/C and what is the size of your building?

George Mills