anyone do a 4 or 5 cheese pie?

I would like to add a 4 or 5 cheese pie to my menu. I currently do a grande mozz/prov mix on all pies. I carry feta, parm wheel, asiago wheel, gorgonzola crumbles…any suggestions on putting together a good mix. I have made several with all cheeses and I’m not quite sure about the finished product…its got a little bit of a “twangy bite” :shock:


Don’t you mean “quattro formaggio” or “cinque formaggio”? That tastes more authentic. :slight_smile:

Yea…Charles…I like the names…what cheeses do you recommend?

We do a mozz,cheddar, american, and swiss blend with slices of tomatoes on top…We azlso cover each slice of tomato with a slive of provalone…We call it Briatz and people like it

Really anything you like as long as you mix textures and flavors. Some smooth cheese like smoked mozzarella, provolone or ricotta. Perhaps asiago. Then something sharper like parmesan, romano, or gorgonzola.

Mix it up. Maybe even consider fresh mozzarella slices so that the customer can see the separate types of cheese on the pie.

Just my thoughts. I am no expert.

The feta, asiago and gorgonzola will combine for pretty strong flavors one one pie if too much is in the mix. My suggestion would be to use maybe one of these to get a start experimenting. Then you’ll have mozz, prov, parm, and asiago, for example. If you use 10% by weight of parm, then think something like that amount or less of asiago (or 5% of gorgonzola for that matter). The asiago is the most assertive of the 4, and would be the one to tinker with.

Once you get the 4 cheeses the way you want them, you could balance in a 5th one.

I have a quattro formaggio on my menu. Nick is right on in his advice. Don’t get too ahead of yourself. Keep it simple. Mozz. parm, prov, and something creative to top it off.

The folks in our area don’t really like “chunky cheese” on a pizza ordered from pizzerias.

They associate it with “health food” and tend to purchase those better in the whole foods stores.

For us, we have mozzerella, fontina, asiago, parmesean, and romano and one other I can’t think of right now on ours…all shredded.

I LOVE putting shredded parmesean on top of pizza…it lends a nice smoky flavor to it.

Fontina is a smooth melting and rather mild cheese that some will use on cheese blends.

I do a four cheese with mozz, asiago, parm and provolone. Great taste!

I do a four cheese on the 14 inch there is 2 1/2 oz each of feta, parm, and cheddar and 8 oz of full fat mozza.

On a side note I have a customer that orders with double all of the cheeses and has 4 cheese dips on the side. She calls it the constipation special and rightfully so with nearly 2 lbs of cheese on a 14 inch pie.

We have a four cheese(Quattro Cheese) on our menu. It’s mozz, cheddar, feta and sprinkled pecorino romano.

Do you have any oiliness issues with cheddar and full fat mozz?

I do a quattro from. It is 1/2 full fat mozza, 1/2 mont. sprinkle of cheddar, and when pie comes out of oven I sprinkle parm on top. Looks FANCY! Lol, it is a simple inexpensive way to make a quattro fram.