anyone doin karoke or live music?

have some extra space lookin at doing some sort of entertainment .just rackin my head for ideas there is nothing up here no pool halls no movie theaters no nothing. :frowning: what it comes down to is trying to find a new way to make couple extra bucks.something geared towards younger crowd would be great. any ideas!!!

Do you serve alcohol? I can’t imagine live music or karaoke without beer.

You’re also going to get into licensing issues with both live music and karaoke; make sure you cover all of your bases on that.

One idea we’ve tossed around to help bring in younger people is to invest in a console gaming system. Guitar Hero competitions would be a blast, and so would anything with the Wii. If you haven’t played a Wii yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’m not a “gamer”, but that thing is a ton of fun.

imagine it :frowning: we live in dry county with the games like rock band etc. would you have contest or what ?we got a wi it wore me out made me relize what an out of shape piece of work i am. :x

Yeah, we want to have Rock Band or Guitar Hero tournaments. People would go head-to-head in a bracket competition. First, second, third place receives a prize. I don’t want to give out gift certificates for prizes, so we’d probably try to trade with other local businesses. Then I’d like to have a “tournament of champions” where all the winners for 16 weeks or so come back and play - grand prize something like a plasma TV or the like.

I think the teenagers would really enjoy it and I’d probably get some older folks trying to take them down. I can envision their friends coming to support them… buying pizza, drinks and wings of course.

I hear you on the Wii… I’m considered to be in “superior” physical condition by VO2 max tests (the highest you can rank), and I was still winded after playing tennis on that thing. And I got beat by a 5 year old.

But I think tennis or bowling would be a lot of fun to have a competition on.

Do you have a arcade/game company in your area?

we had a golden tee machine and a megatouch machine that made us a lot of money. The company supplies the game and maintenance they keep 50% and give you 50%.

Unfortunately after some remodeling we lost the space for it :cry:

One thing I’ve gotten involved with recently is Texas Hold 'em Poker. Remember, I don’t own a restaurant – I just play. We have a group here whose business model revolves around the restaurant PAYING for us to come play. The owner of the poker group will pay out money to the winner at certain places/times. I’ve heard $5/head per session (sessions end at about the three hour mark).

You don’t charge ANYTHING to the customer. They order food and drinks (and being dry and all, you’ve lost your best money-maker for this particular idea) and you make money that way.

The startup costs are low. It’d cost a few hundred for table-toppers, get some chips, some cards, and have a “tournament director” to kinda watch over things. We start with 4000-7000 in chips, blinds start at 25/50 and go up every 12 minutes. There’s a 5 minute break every hour.

It’s an interesting mix of folks, but honestly, I’d recommend you keep it tame and family friendly. Because there’s no entry fee, there’s no legal issues.