Anyone Doing In-Room Hotel Advertising?

hi everyone…long time lurker…hoping someone has some ideas.

I have the opportunity to put an ad in rooms at a local hotel.

was wondering if anyone had some examples of things that have worked/not worked in this area before.

I didn’t want to put the whole menu on the tableside stand, and would rather a POP acrylic stand with an insert so they stay nice.

but if someone’s had good success with just stocking the rooms with menus i’m open to that too

any thoughts on this would be great!


DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE DO BUSINESS WITH NATIONAL HOTEL GUIDES OR ANY OTHER BUSINESS BEING RUN BY MARK WALTERS!!! He specializes in ripping people off with hotel channel guides with pizza advertisements. I have had a little bit of luck working with JLS Marketing at for some in room advertising.

in my resort town it’s all about getting into the hotels. if you are getting a specialty product made for your menu (pop-up stands etc…) they will work fine but tacky in my opinion. Go for a nice 4 color menu to be displayed by the phone (encourage trust and credibility) . Keep it simply as tourists don’t know anything about your town or where they are located for their delivery, maybe put instructions 1,2,3 type to make ordering easy. 1- decide what you want to order 2- remember, we have cold drinks and amazing desserts 3- call us up and simply give us your room number and registered guest name and we will deliver in about 30 to 45mins. You need caller ID so you know the hotel is calling and quote proper delivery times as they will call back to wonder where there food is. These customers are willing to spend more so than the local so Up sell, up sell, up sell.

I advertise in the hotel directory, heavy phone book ads, super high quality take-out menu displayed at all hotels and I promo pizzas and take care of all the front desk and concierge staff regularly. I also own a multi restaurant delivery service that delivers for 20 local restaurants including my own and I publish my own dining/menu guide magazine and distribute heavily and advertise aggressively. My rest delivery service generates and drives sales to my pizzeria that accounts for approx 23 percent of my pizzeria’s total sales.

I think many of you pizza shop operators have the infrastructure in-place to set-up and run your own multi rest delivery service, could help that bottom line!!! Just a thought.

pm me your email addy and i’lll send you my in-room menus, etc…