Anyone doing salads?

Focus groups in my area are demanding salads. I figure I have everything to make one anyways…so why not.

We use a bagged iceberg/romaine mix with red cabbage and carrot shred for color. We don’t market for being salad experts, but we have a few interesting ones for those wanting a vegetable meal. They sell well enough that the lettuce doesn’t go bad on me :slight_smile:

You can see our offerings at:

There’s a link near the top for a downloadable version of the menu. My salads run 20% to 23% food cost . . . so not a menu dud, either!

People love our salads. They’re served in a 32oz. plastic bowl with a clear lid. We use the romaine/iceberg mix, diced tomatoes, red onion and green pepper slices, black olives as our base. From that base we make:

Garden Salad
Antipasta Salad
Tuscan Grilled Chicken Salad
Mediterranean Salad

We also do a Chicken Caesar Salad. We use Ken’s packaged dressings.

How do these work for those of you that buy diced cheese. I know that you would have to put shredded on the salad. Do you buy both types because you prefer diced on the pies? It seems that just purchasing shredded would be more economical.

Salads were a HUGE seller in my shop. My base was a 9 inch octagon black deep container with a clear lid. We had four slices of cukes, four wedges of tomato, shredded red onions, carrots, peppers and red cabbage on iceburg with Ultimate Croutons. Grilled chicken, steak tip, chef, antipasto, rolled coldcuts, chicken tenders, chicken salad, tuna, egg salad and on and on. We prepped fifty at lunch every day and around fify to seventy-five in the evenings. Our ceasers were made to order because of the differences in what was wanted (croutons, no croutons, grande parm, tomatoes…etc.) All our dressings were prepped in four ounce solos and we had just about every variety. They really are great sellers. Take a few small dough balls, dock, pinch the sides and slap them a couple of times - put them in the oven and you’ve got the best syrian ever to cut into triangles and serve with the salad.


We sell TONS of salad in our shop. We use the bagged mixed Romaine - customers love it.

We shred our own cheese for pizza, hoagies and salad.

You can view them on our website under Menu.

Salads ae not a huge menu item for me but we do sell about 10-15 per day. I use the bagged garden salad(2.89 for a 1lb bag) I split that into 2 salads 8oz each and add a bit of cheese and Tomatoes and sell it for 3.49 so they make us money and take about 15 seconds to put together.

At 10-15 a day, you shouldn’t be buying the 1 lb. bags at supermarket prices. Get 5 lb. bags.

I don’t do many, but I’m getting a salad mix for about ONE DOLLAR a pound, pizzaguy!

Used to buy fresh washed heads and I have a lettuce king chopper gizmo - but the price kept going up and quality down until the prepped bagged stuff was a better deal even if we chuck some old stuff.

Salads range from 4-5% of our sales. We serve a spring mix and a ceasar salad and verswion of each with shredded grilled chicken breas* (stupid auto censor will not let you list that part of the chicken) on top. We buy spring mix and chopped romain in 3Lb boxes except when we are busy when we buy 12 lb boxes.

We serve two sizes, one is a generous single portion the other is a family size. Both use clear plastic boxes. We serve Newman’s Own dressing in packets.
Food cost is good and the sales are pretty much 100% add on with little prep issues to deal with. We add fresh veggies from the pizza make line to the spring mix salad.