anyone doing specialty coffe drinks?

now that i got new building open the old pizza barn shed 14 x 40 with drive thru is settin empty dont know anything about coffe wondering whats involved with that fancy city coffee we here so much about anyone doing it ? any money in it just trying to figure what to put in the old building to make some $$$$ looking for something just dont know what yet :roll:

Love the idea. Margins in coffee are very nice and the hours are short. What is your rent for the building?

Done right there is alot of money in it. Done wrong you will lose your shirt. Start up costs are much lower, however people will not return if not done perfect. We as pizzaria owners can get away with out haveing company shirts and sometimes subpar items however food is a neccesity, were as coffee… espresso specifically is a luxury as well as an addiction.

Pardon my spelling. its late.

By the way coffee drive through is the way to go.

well i dont have any rent on this building i own outright :smiley: i would have to get a girl to operate it . can anyone steer me in the right direction on what type of equipment i would need? to do this operation. iwant to keep simple because we are simple people up here :lol:

If your simple people…it may not fly too well. I am in West Virginia…we too are simple people. Research has shown that the simple people in my neck of the woods don’t like REAL coffee. A REAL espresso or a REAL cappucino are too strong or just too different. What they prefer to have as cappucino is the sweet stuff that comes from the hot chocolate machine at 7-Eleven. You know what I’m talking about…the powdered stuff that you mix with hot water. Nothing to grind, brew, or filter. If you own the building though…no rent or lease involved…no long term investment. And you might be able to find a good deal on some used equipment. That way, if it doesn’t work, you’ll just be out the cost of the equipment, supplies, and payroll. Resell the equipment and cut your losses.

I’m a west coaster so coffee is a staple here, we have them on everycorner, I pay about 4$ for a large specialty coffee, I know there very profitable, because there really cheap to make, but you don’t have to charge as much. and you don’t have to make them strong either. they can be sweeter than stronger or vice versa. basically you need a commercial espresso machine, cups, and product. basic cooler to store milks. I’d give a shot, if there aren’t any around you, you could be introducing something really special to your area.

Well, girls usually do have specific equipment… if you ain’t sure what type that is, I ain’t sure I’d hire her. :slight_smile:

Just a thought, but would drive thru ice cream or soft serve be an option? Maybe a better companion to your pizza operation?