Anyone else dead this week??

We had a super busy weekend for both my stores, we did over 10k fri sat sun which is busy for us.

Monday was dead !! 545 bucks, and today is 600.

Its painfully slow, Maybe it was the day light savings

Yeah, we have been somewhat slower than normal since after Halloween weekend.

Dead here too, but pretty much on par with this week last year.

Yea same here as everybody else…it should start picking up soon with the holidays coming.

halloween week was our busiest week ever. yesterday we didnt even break a 1,000. first time we didnt in a real long time. these last two days are non existent

We’ve been so dead for all week. Haven’t even taken 1 cent … but then again we closed from Monday 8th until Friday 19th for renovations :stuck_out_tongue:
Jokes aside, we have been pretty slow for the last 4 - 5 weeks. All wholesalers are reporting slower than average sales.
So it looks as if it is worldwide ad not just in our respective countries.


Actually Busy weekend. Monday and tuesday busy also. we usually have a skeleton staff but had to call people in today monday i took off and it got slammed they closed at 11:30 i called to see y i didn’t get my usuall 9:30 can we close now call.

Same here… huge week and weekend last week, and the past two days have been very slow. Same as last year! The end of Daylight Savings Time seems to always throw things off for a week or so.