Anyone else have Credit Card fees like this?

North American Bancard offered me:

Their “wholesale” fees from visa, mc etc (google visa interchange fees, click on pdf for link to their fees). They said they’ll do this at cost, can be anywhere from 0.95% to over 2%.

$0.10/transaction fee

Does anyone else have a deal similar to this, compared to a set rate of debit card, credit card, and key in rates?

What rates do you pay right now?

That is not uncommon from my limited experience.

Watch your fees. Check every single statement. I have RBS and they like to screw with fees once you get in. I was at interchange + 8 cents when I signed. Everything was cool for the longest time until I got complacent. Then one day I noticed the rate was at 18 cents. Every so often they bump you. I bitched like a customer that that did not get my extra sauce on the side and they lowered it to 12 cents, so I started shopping, I am switching procesors soon.


I am at Interchange + Pricing.

.10 cents a swipe
$10 statement fee.
No Termination fee.

As rick said, watch the increases which they will do.

.10 cents a swipe

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$10 statement fee.

No Termination fee.

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What kind of fees are you working with pizza2007??