Anyone else having a killer week?

Man we have a record shattering week. I sent out some mailers but this time they worked the best they ever have, i bet we got 10% back and we sent out 6500. It was insane, it seemed like everyorder was a new customer. Normally we do 14k a week +1/-1k a week and this week we almost hit 19k

the entire week was slammed and friday we set a new record and broke 4k.

I have another set of mailers hitting in 8 days, so let hope it just keeps up

Keep it going! :mrgreen:

Good job…Lets hope for many more busy weeks to follow…

What was the offer in your mailer?

Always awesome to hear others having success!

We had an all time record Friday night in my smallest store…$3216!!!

Great week in the other stores as well…maybe it is that time of year?

Nothing to special just a few offers

buy and large or extra large pizza at full price get a meduim 2 item free
Large 2 item 11.99
Large 3 item and cheese sticks 13.99
extra large 2 item cheese sticks and 2 liter 19.99
2 large 2 toppings 2 cheese sticks and a 2 liter 29.99
2 med 2 items and cinna sticks 17.99

Still blows my mind at all the members that run pizza places that dont disccount or do specials

Discounts etc

Firstly I am sincerely happy for your great success. Love hearing about independent’s making it happen.
About the specials and discount thing…
Some of us feel that when you take into account your greatly increased food cost’s, extra labour ( when your slammed the staff are later out the door), increased mistakes and reduction in quality of build/bake and attention to detail that being that much busier than normal brings, the actual retained bottom line increases so little that it just isn’t worth it.
Add to that training a whole new group of customers to only shop when there are “specials” available and you further erode your retained earnings as a percentage of gross sales. To put it another way, some would prefer to sell (work) less and make very close to the same or possibly even more.
Different theories, both work. Have yet to offer any form of price special or deviation from my published menu pricing since buying the store in 2004. About to open a second location and will follow same practices.

So you guys that dont do discounts at all you are able to make 150k a year from one store net profit? selling more expensive pizza?

There are some places that don’t discount making much more than that while others are going out of business. Probably a very similar ration to places that do discount. Just differing business models, neither is right in every town and they can ofter exist side by side.

Of course there are expections but I bet there are far more places that struggle that don’t discount than places that do really well with out discounting at all

I bet if I didn’t discount I would have half the sales I do now. Sure my food cost would be 22-25% and now its 31% ish but thats not gonna make up for 50% less sales

A discount is all relative. Your discounts are basically my menu price. In the future, I’ll consider sending out coupons again for our new place (pizza/apps only). With our full menu, I could sell $10 pizzas all day long and be perfectly happy as long as my entree sales down drop or start requiring discounts too.

Waiting for our 3rd oven to get installed too, and we will have 3x the production capacity we had when we opened.

I do far better offering a special combo for $25 with a coupon for a free pint of ben & jerrys or $8.00 off when you buy two pizzas than I do selling the same combo for $20. Lots of people are motivated by offers.

Joker, congrats on your hard won success!

Paul makes a great point! Its all somewhat relative, and what works in one market, may not work in another market. You’ve just got to try.

I’m one of the places with no discounts and no coupons. There are days where if I had a special offer or coupon, I’m sure I could increase business. There are other days when my ovens are full from open to close with no offers at all. I quit worrying about it after my first year.

I like the idea that Steve brings to the table about the Ice Cream (not the first time). Even though I’ve been crucified for comments about Ice Cream, there may come a time when I work towards a similar offer. Thanks Steve!

If only we all could make $150K/year. Again, congrats!!

I guess im so used to doing what i do and compeating with dominos and other chains that i forget about other markets and what works and what doesnt

I do the same thing at all 3 of my stores and its worked very well for me so far, so i guess i keep doing what im doing

That’s the key component in all this Joker…if it’s working for you, it’s working! Very proud of anyone who can turn that dollar profit, hope to see that side of the fence for us too this year!

we have had a great first helped a lot that a pizza place 12 miles away closed down, and that the weather has been great with basicly no winter here in Illinois this year.we also invested more in advertising.another thing in my opinion the economy is on the rebound. for what ever reason (s) I hope it builds into our best year ever!