Anyone else way down this week

So, it’s my first January and I was expecting it to be slow. I was presently surprised the past few weeks were not to bad - down a bit, but not majorly. But this week took a nosedive. Anyone else see the same thing? Those of you that have been at it a while, is this typical?

I wish I could say no…but unfortunately after 2 great weeks, last week down a little…this week definitely has not started out so great. Just checked the sales for tonight and they were pretty dismal :cry:

Hopefully Fri, Sat, and Sun will rebound us into finishing with a halfway decent week. We’ve got a couple of BIG orders over the next two days…so that should help some.

we did 10k last week at my store and this week is looking down for sure, maybe 8k

I would guess people are waiting for the big game and not eating too much pizza or snack type foods in anticipation for what’s coming up. Just a thought. :idea:

We are down since opening after Christmas New Year break. Week before last we went under break even :frowning:
Last week was own but not too bad and this week is showing improvements.
A tip to lift your sales by last weeks experiences. Saturday one of my pizza makers was away on leave so I thought I’d bring a front of shop person who can ahndle the bench up for the night. Bad thing - she didn’t show. I did the bench by myself and did 50% more than the same week last year. Did $2,500,about 180 pizzas between 5pm and 10pm.
Sunday was looking a slow day so didn’t get anyone to cover the same guy and again we did a bigger Sunday, $1,600.
Morale of this … build your sales by understaffing. The less staff you have on the bigger sales night you will have :stuck_out_tongue:


Its awful as well 90 miles to the west. Looking at the worst month since I have opened 3 years ago. Jan is typically slow and the two snowstorms have not helped