anyone ever challange another pizza place to a taste test?

My pizza place and dominos have had a few little run ins over the years here and i thought it would be a good idea for marketing to challange dominos to a blindfold taste test.

I know they would not respond but it could be good marketing

I would be willing to put up 500 bucks on it

Looking for your thoughts on it

I like the idea but have a feeling that they would just say corporate told them they could not participate. They could then, unofficially, say they have the better pizza but the “suits” said they could not go head too head. Lame way too get out of it but also does not really get you any bragging rights per say. How about having a third party order a delivered pizza…say a large pepperoni… nothing special… and do a taste test on three pizzas with 3 ramdom judges from the area. This way it is a run of the mill pizza from all 3 entries and it will be non-biased for all. If, and hopefully, when you come out on top… you can then run the ad that based on a blind taste comparison… the 3 judges all agreed…again, wishful thinking, that your pizza is better then the rest and why!!! Again nothing official but at least you have the results too share…and then see if they might sit down too a more indepth taste test one day.

i like that idea… my brother and i always say we wish we could challenge other pizzerias around, iron chef style lol

I think that if the indie pizza places only went after the big guys this could make some good advertising across the entire country. Think about it if every indie on here had a taste test against PH, PJ’s, and Dominos. I am betting at least 75% of the time the indie will win. Not saying they shouldn’t win the other 25% of the time…but in reality there will be people that like the mass produced garbage… made with the finest inexpensive ingredients out there…of course! :stuck_out_tongue: I just think it’s time to try and get back at the big guys. Also, since it is basically impossible to advertise on their scale… what about a large group of indie shops getting together and trying to do a national commercial together. I know this would take some planning and quite the expense, but something that stands out during a large TV event. Just an expensive thought. Any ideas??? :?:

You could always just run a series of billboards like this one: … s-ads.html

Seriously, I would not spend any time talking about my competition in my advertising. That includes taste tests. People do not like whiners and to me it smacks of whining. Go ahead and make your claims, invite people to try your product, give them a reason to do so… but leave the competition out of it.

Another thought too… much as I am a cheerleader for indi pizza, the worst pizzas I ever had were all from indi shops. There is no valid generalization that indi pizza is better. The best pizza IS indi pizza… but not all indi pizza is good.

I agree with bodegahwy.

I wouldn’t waste time and energy on something that may backfire. Taste is subjective. Some people like Coke and others like Pepsi. Some people like thin crust and some people like thick. Some people like your X pizza, but like your competitors Y pizza better than your Y pizza. Some people only care about size or price. People patronize businesses for a variety of reasons.

Everyone likes good service. No one likes being shown that they’ve been doing something wrong or “making” the wrong choice. It looks like petty bickering.

Most people in your market areas try different companies and make their choices. Taste is only one part of the customer choice. Spending time on promotional marketing is more effective - make a new pizza and promote it; make a new side or dessert and promote it.