Anyone ever go back and read all of their old posts?

All i can say it wow, i was really imature and child like 5 years ago. It was rather embarassing reading all the posts that i had made when i was just starting out at 22 years of age. Im only 28 now but man i have grown alot in that time. Wish i could delete about half my old posts…

anyways just wondering if anyone else has done this with simalar results. LOL

Being more than double your age I should feel even more embarassed from the dribble I have and continue to write on this forum.
But hey that what you get from being inthis industry :smiley:


hmmm, maybe if I thought I ever had anything intelligent to say . . .

Nah. I know I’ve made dingbat posts, and don’t want to prove to myself just how many. I figure as long as WA Dave looks more foolish than me, I’m not the ‘most’. Don’t have to outrun the bear . . . .

Besides Nick, with your post count, can you imagine how long it would take to read them all?

The secret is that it is the same things over and over, just to new audiences. And the older ones who get tired of seeing my name pop up :shock:

I only know four songs . . . I just sing different versus sometimes.