Anyone ever hear of The Pizza Factory(west coast chain)

I am just curious if anyone ever heard the Pizza Factory. My Father in law said one opened up near him in northern Calf. and it was the best pizza in town? I guess their in 5 western states and about 120 stores I looked them up on the net and they seem to have a lot that went out of business so I don’t know what to think. Just curious?

pizza factory is not good, i have never been a fan

They are closing up shop everywhere that i have see them

Only a 120 locations? I thought they had over 400. They are known as the poor man’s franchise. However, if you look at there franchise agreement, I see nothing poor about it.

Honestly if your interested in the pizza business. My best advice is go work for someone for two maybe three years first. Start as a delivery driver, and work your way up to management. This experience should save you a couple hundred thousand.

My first pizza shop I opened with $3000. a 30qt mixer, and Lincoln 1000 with a broken conveyor, so it was like a forced air deck oven. I made my pizza’s out of a two door coke cooler until I could afford to buy a makeline. I door hung 1000 home-made doorhangers a week in a town of 3,000 homes with four other pizza shops. By the fourth week I was doing $4000 a week. Enough to fix the conveyor, and buy the maketable, and to hire some help.

Save your money as you work up the ladder of success, and after three years you should have the knowledge, and the seed money to enter the marketplace. Be conservative, buy second hand, and focus on the presentation of the product. Mexican food uses some of the cheapest food staples(nothin special about red beans and rice) in the world, yet it is still the fastest growing ethnic food, cause its all in the presentation.