Anyone ever terminate a lease?

About a month ago I told the owner of our center that our pest control guy said there are rodents in the center in the ceiling. The owner is a trying to sell the center, they are a large mall company. They basically told me not their problem. I have an attorney and have been documenting everything. What should I expect ?

For instance this is their bait box, actually a rats nest. Feces in the common areas, disgusting.

This is where an attorney would be handy to review the lease, especially where it says “Duties of leasee/leasor”
There has got to be something in there about suitability for business purpose.
A call to the health department at this point my be like shooting yourself in the foot, so tread carefully.

I have an attorney and I’m sure the facts are on my side, but my main concern is the 25k deposit I have in lieu of a personal guarantee. I’m guessing we are going to have to fight that one. It sucks to work so hard to have something like this happen, a huge company doesn’t want to spend the money to take care of their place while I’m doing everything I can

I well worded letter to the management of that location from your attorney may do wonders for you, with quotes from the lease, and health laws.
the way I see it, how can you keep a sanitary workplace if there are no barriers to keep the infestation out of your unit?

Exactly, let’s hope. I’ve got movers, oven guys, etc lined up to move out when no mall representativewill be there. I’m done with these people.

Are you going to relocate or are you calling it quits?

i think you will have a hard time getting out of your lease on rodents alone, not sure tho. If its a triple net lease then it really is your issue anyways

sucks but thats how it goes

We are moving to a bigger and better location! You know how bad mine was!

Check your lease and see if there is anything about pest control in there.

I had a bad pest problem years ago and It took me about 30 days to get rid of it .
Is it confined to your store or the whole center?

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Whole center, they are responsible for the common area. The pest control guy tells me for sure whole center. Every pillar has feces around it.

My neighbor 4 doors down left because of a bad leak from the roof. There was mold everywhere. He had a mold specialist come in and they said the place was inhabitable.

Document everything, all calls to them for repair , also send certified letters, this way there is proof they never rectified it.
If they don’t correct it , you may have “constructive eviction”. Check with your attorney.

The landlord settled with this tenant last month and the tenant was able to walk away and get money because of the landlords negligence.

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Outstanding! I beleive this would be a better way to go and have a paper trail instead of just bailing. Be like a hub cap! (Cover your nuts)