anyone familiar with brick oven or BP Il forno?

Hello all

is anyone familiar with the "“bake” of a brick oven (gas fired, not wood). Will it give the pie a blackened scorched look? I am baking a new york style pie now. our current location uses a BP y602 and we are looking for the “look” and ambiance of “Brick Oven” in a new location. I dont want to mess with wood fired. I was looking at the Fornobravo or Wood stone models that are gas fired.

Also, Bakers Pride has the IL Forno Classico model, which is a traditional gas fired deck with the opening of a brick oven…a brick facade can be built around it. anyone use this either?

any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


The scorching comes from the extreme heat of the oven. A coal fired oven runs at 800 degrees and up, and the OLD NY restaurants use those. A gas deck oven usually only goes to 500 or 550, which really isn’t enough to give the look you’re after. Besides, it’s not just the “look” that matters, it’s the whole taste. Without cooking the same way, I just don’t see how you’re going to achieve those results. After all, you can “paint” grill marks onto a hamburger, but that doesn’t make it taste like it was grilled.