Anyone From the Chicago Area? (Grubhub)

I wanted to hear if the online ordering has boosted business at all. I was talking to a guy who owns a joint in the Elgin. IL area. He started using Grubhub and saw a significant increase in weekly sales.

Grubhub is big in Chicago. I’m from Chicago but I’m in SF now and supposedly SF is their biggest market. They claim to avg 40,000 orders per day on Grubhub in SF. My restaurant is on grubhub and eat24 right now. As an owner, I prefer Eat 24. Much simpler for the customer to use, you can upload pictures of every pizza and any other items you sell, great mobile app, Millenials use Eat 24 while Gen X uses Grubhub so having both makes sense for me, and Eat 24 is only 12.5% of sales and most importantly they’re system is easier to read when the customer orders too.

ONLY 12.5% of sales?!?

Joe, I’ve heard the same about SF. Huge in that area. I’ve also heard a lot of positive reviews with people who have done the online ordering.