Anyone going to NAPICS this year or been before?

My fiance and I are attending for the first time and just wondering if anyone has any advice on a gameplan to make sure we hit everything. Biggest points of interest would probably be POS systems, marketing and anything to help with a future expansion of our kitchen and dining room.

I’ve read down the list of speakers, but I’m not exactly sure what to expect when we get there. Anyone who has been in the past have any advice? Thanks.

Joe: I am going but this is my first organized pizza event so can’t offer any advice. I have a pizzeria owner friend at our house from out of state and we are going to the breakfast I think. I will be wearing a smiling with hope bakery shirt/hat. If you go to the link below and go to the gallery you will see a photo of me. Hopefully we get to say hi to each other. Walter

I’m trying to justify the trip, I’m hoping this catches the interest of a wealthy friend of mine who’ll get us there in his jet. I refuse to fly commercially anymore, although I should thank the TSA agent who found the polyps in my colon during the last preflight screening.

For just a second, i actually considered this a real post lol

PMQ will be there! They are holding the Winter U.S. Pizza Team trials. Visit them at booth 1637-1641.

I was in Columbus but I missed the NAPICS show. It was so cold.
My daughter was in a National Pageant in Columbus and she won! (Just had to brag!)

I went and had a fabulous time. The PMQ staff were there and I got to thank them for the article they did on us. It has made a huge impact on getting my program international attention. Tony G’s seminar on pizza making was so refreshing. I watched it both days and could have watched it 20 times. To see someone doing pizza the way I do sure inspired me. He takes it to the limit and that inspired me to keep pushing my limits. Walter

We got a ton of useful information out of it. A lot of great marketing ideas from the seminars. I learned new things, found direction for ideas I already had, and confirmed some things I was already thinking. I got to test out some POS systems and sample some great ice cream. All in all, it was a great 2 days and well worth attending.