Anyone going to Pizza Expo in March?

Getting a pulse on attendance given the current COVID situation.

I agree I want to make sure its worth it! I miss the big show and Last august it was very small compared to normal.

Hi Cristian, thank you for responding and providing the feedback.
Good to know about last year, I suspect the same may occur this year but want to get a pulse before making the commitment.

i am going it is a chance to get away and relax

I went last year. There was a lot of open space. I understand they had about 6,000 attendees. That was down from 20,000 in 2020. There was still a lot of good stuff. The seminars were excellent.
Alotl of big guys like LaNova were not there. I could be wrong. I suspect this year might be the same. All in all I think it was a good show. It was kind of nice not fighting the crowds

Solid plan! Appreciate the engagement.

Hi Wesley, this is great information. Thank you for sharing your experience last year.
Glad to hear you were able to get value from the show even though the attendance was way down.