Anyone going to the PMQ Marketing Boot Camp ?

It’s Monday, November 12th in Columbus, OH.

Who’s going ?

Goomba you can pick me up on the way. We’ll car pool.

sounds like it may be like the NAPO pizza day they have in the spring there,
a round table of pizza owners and some vendors there.
very good, thanks for the post, I did not know about it, and am interesting in going.

can someone fill me in on the details, ie cost, how many days?

I’m in the Detroit suburbs and may be interested

To learn more you can call 800-758-8759.

I’d be willing to buy a round or two of adult beverages for any PMQ TTers that show up. :wink:

just tried, no answer prolly cause it’s saturday.

do you have any info you can pass on until I call on monday?

I got a postcard yesterday. Here’s all the details that are on it.

It’s one day, November 12th.

If you’re a PMQ subscriber you get 75% off the cost.

It is hosted by Marc and Jeff Slutsky.

It’s in Columbus, OH.

The postcard reads:

In this one-day, high intensity advanced training program you gain the practical tactical abiltites to take your pizza business to the next level. You’ll discover exciting new marketing concepts from the soon to be released Simon & Schuster book, Street Fighter Marketing Solutions that show you how to increase your foot traffic while getting the absolute most from every dollar you spend on advertising and promotion. This is one-on-one marketing at is most effective. This is life beyond the coupon drop. In this hyper competitive, advertising polluted marketplace, you learn to become an elite pizza operator. The old mass marketing attack has gone by way of the dinosaur. You need to get the highest possible ROI in your marketing investment. It takes the agility and the savvy of marketing Special Forces to move the needle. This program teaches you how.