Anyone have a Federal Withholding program or excel file?

I know it’s a bit late in the year (wish i would have thought of it sooner)… but does anyone have some type of program of maybe an excel file that auto calculates the amount of $ to withhold for Federal Withholding?

I tried to find something online but they it just links you to payroll companies or software companies that charge crazy$$.

Thanks all!

this id the IRS .pdf file

it takes just a second to look up #'s…

I’ve built a s/s & just drop in the amt…

I do not know if this will help you but give it a try. It claims to be free

This free copy of Delta60 Accounting Software now features built-in email support and is made for Windows only. Delta60 includes: A/R, A/P, Invoicing, Inventory, Payroll and General Ledger.

George mills

yeah i’ve got the hardcopy of that booklet which i’ve always used… I put the time in Quickbooks and it gives me their NET $, i look up the Fed Withholding manualy, then enter the NET $ into an excel sheet i made to get the State Withholding/SS/Medicare.

I’d like to make the Excel sheet to where I enter the time and it calculates everything… then i just copy/paste it to quickbooks.


Just curious how much a payroll service costs…And could the time saved doing “back office” stuff be better used to market your business?..While cutting expenses is important, growing your business gives you a better return…

George Mills, thanks for the link… i loaded it and tested it out… pretty much a generic version of quickbooks but in a “Stargate SG-1” layout… yeah you heard me… i’m talking about the TV Show… plus my firewall is popping up with it trying to track all my information… so be carefull if you load that up, i’m not sure if it’s harmfull or not. But you still have manualy look up the Federal withholding.

royster13, this is true… it averages about $30 a mo. I’d rather take that $30 mo. and pay myself to do the payroll :lol:


I have used three different payroll services over the last 9 1/2 years. We are currently with ADP. We switched from Intuit payroll to ADP because ADP offers a SIMPLE IRA plan with fidelity.

My manager calls in the hours every two weeks. ADP calculates everything, impounds and pays the state, Federal and FICA taxes and unemploymement, takes care of accounting for advances, gives me reports, handles the quarterly 941 forms, issues W-2 forms at the end of the year, prints the checks and fed-exes them to me. They arrive the day after we call in the hours.

Cost is about $40-$60 per pay period depending on how many checks there are. When we have 20-25 employees it costs about $55-$60. In the off season when we are down to 10-15 employees it costs $40-$45.

They also have a fully on-line version but we have not gone there.


if you are using a recent version of QB, you can d/l current tax tables & it will do the chore 4 you…I’m using 5.0 & it won’t update to new tables…

I have used several payroll companies in the past and they typically charge 2 to 3 % of your payroll. You have the advantage of using their w/c experience rates. I have found that it is not the $30 or so dollars a week but the end of the year that makes it worthwhile.
I have also purchased EPLI insurance. Very much worth the money, if you don’t have it, in this sue happy world. I pay about $1k a year with a $5k deductible.

heres a question, I’ve found a couple of on-line calculators like this:
and this

now when i test these out, the FICA and Medicare come out correct… but the Federal comes out to a $ with change. So they must be using the % formula… but i’ve been trying to figure out the % formula in Pub.15 and 15a… but I can’t understand how their getting it.

i’m using Quickbooks Premier 2006 with all the updates, and the only way for it to compute the taxes is it I purchase their monthly payroll service. ba.

Bubba, my experience with payroll companies is that they are fee based rather than percentage. If my costs were 2-3% my payroll service would be $5,000. I pay about $1200. That cost really has not changed much in a decade.

Were you using a CPA or a payroll service.

You might be right. I know that I pay 2.25% of my gross payroll and I pay about $35 to $40 per week. I did talk to a different company, years ago, and they were charging a flat rate per week. It costs about $75/week.
It always amazes me how the same type of businesses can charge such a variable cost.

A spreadsheet just won’t be robust enough to handle efficiently the programming to compare the variables and pull up a federal withholding amount. There’s just too much data to test against, plus you have to enter all that data from the various tables into a worksheet. If there is not a freeware package out there already, then it probably isn’t practical. You’d have to reprogram the formulas every year and update all the withholdings table data.

You need the power of a database. Enter QB and the other software being mentioned.

All that said, we look up the totals on a paper copy of the tables. We highlight the row where employees most commonly fall. They don’t vary that much on the table from week to week in our experience. FICA/Medicaid, we do have an Excel sheet to calculate.

All Day LONG, the advice and experience above is the best posted with respect to the original question. The cost is well worth the service. A NO BRAINER.

With respect to the EasyPay with ADP or any online service, don’t got there. All it gets you is an additional fee for inputting what you tell them over the phone.