Anyone have a great cheese shredder?

Is anyone using a cheese shredder they are really happy with? We are currently doing all of our cheese at one location with a cheese hog but the transferring of it is becoming a pain. We do not have a planetary mixer so we cannot use a pelican head. We’ve been looking at a Hallde RG400I and something called an FC 300. I can’t find much else out there, am I missing something obvious I should be searching for? I have little to no knowledge of VCMs as well.



Use a robo coupe with a grate blade. Lots of sizes to choose from to match your needs

What size robo coup are you using? We just found a used cheese hog but haven’t made the necessary electrical changes yet
If it doesn’t work properly I may go this route

I used this for veggies before I got one for my mixer. Maybe start here and see if theres a grater attachment somewhere?