Anyone have a Kickin chicken pizza

I was wondering if anybody has a kickin chicken style pizza? How well does it do for you?
I have a BBQ one that does pretty good but looking to expand menu a little with mainly the toppings I already have in house.

I do a teriyaki sauce pizza that sells well. I use teriyaki sauce as the base, cheese, onions, chicken, mayo, and lettuce.

Buff Chix - deep fried tenders sliced and rolled in buff sauce with a light toss of crumbled blue cheese;

BBQ - sample the Cannonball sauce - this is a huge seller;

Chix & Ranch - Google it, many variations that would suit your operation;

Grilled Chix, artichoke, goat cheese, spinach - huge seller:

Chick Parm - easy to do!;


Don’t know from “kickin’ chicken”, but we do carry these:

Grecian Delight - smoked chicken, onion, bell pepper, black olive, feta, tomato
Buff Chicken - grilled chicken diced&tossed in wing sauce, onion, bell pepper, drizzle ranch overall after cut
Fajita Chicken - sauce of ranch+mild wing, chicken, onion, bell pepper
BBQ Chicken - smoked pulled chicken, red onion, bacon, sweet&bold BBQ sauce
A&WP garlic butter sauce, fresh spinach, chicken, feta, artichoke heart, garlic (sliced tomato optional)

COMING SOON: Chicken Alfredo with cream sauce, grilled chicken, crimini mushroom, bacon, spinach.

we do a buffalo chix. ranch base red onion, bacon, chix, mozz and cheddar. then we smother in red hot. sells pretty well especially this past football season.

we also use the cannonball bbq and my customers love it

Well we have tried to do a “hot” sauced chicken pizza to go with our BBQ one but the thing keeps coming out so spicy that you can only eat a couple of pieces. We tried t use hot sauce as the base though but I like the thought of za4life with the ranch base I will have to give it a try this week see if that would cool it down a little

thanks for all the responses though alot of those sound really good!!!

If you can get your hands on the RoseHill Product, heat the vinegar first but don’t bring it to a boil. Add the butter, whisk with slight heat until melted and then slowly whisk in the base buff mix. Pour, cool and refrigerate. When serving, use a base of lettuce to absorb any excess and presentation.


we have the basic chicken ranch: ranch, oven roasted chicken, red onions, bacon, cheddar, post top parsley and romas

bbq chicken: bbq, chicken, red onions, green peppers

avalanche: bbq, red onions, roni, blackened chicken, bacon, cheddar, post top: parsley, huge seller

thai pizza: peanut sauce, red onions, chicken, post top with shredded carrots, bean sprouts, cilantro, and more peanut sauce. another big seller


We use rotisserrie pulled chicken pizzas to help set us aprt form the competition, they sell really well and customers rave about them.

A truly unique taste that’s second to none

Panoli’s rotisserie chicken with smoked bacon
finished with fresh diced tomatoes
M / 20.95 L / 24.95 Party Size 18”x18”/ 38.95
Lots of rotisserie chicken, juicy pineapple chunks
and diced tomatoes
M / 20.95 L / 24.95 Party Size 18”x18” / 38.95
House-made BBQ sauce base, piled high with our
succulent rotisserie chicken with garden mushrooms
and caramelized onions
M / 20.95 L / 24.95 Party Size 18”x18”/ 38.95
Panoli’s rotisserie chicken, diced Canadian ham
Parmesan, cracked black pepper, classic Alfredo
cream sauce
M / 22.95 L / 26.95 Party Size 18”x18”/ 39.95
Piled high with rotisserie chicken, tomatoes
green peppers, roasted garlic, red onions
garden mushrooms, fresh basil
M / 22.95 L / 26.95 Party Size 18”x18”/ 39.95

We use a bonless breaded cicken wing, then add onion and green pepper lite mozz cheese then we drizzel franks on top.
lastly we add a little of the colby/chedder blend cheese from our salad, pretty good seller probably about number 4 or 5 in the sales range

The best chicken pizza I’ve ever tasted was at the PMQ Orlando Pizza Show in 2007. David Smith of Pizza Palace Plus in Emporium, PA placed 1st in the American Pizza Championship with his Cajun Chicken pizza. I had the honor of participating as one of the judges. Here’s the link.

championship … ne/200710/


Corrected link:

A brief description of the Smith Cajun pizza appears here:

“Cajun Chicken Pizza” with hand-tossed dough; homemade Cajun sauce and a blend of grated mozzarella and provolone; baked and marinated chicken brea*t drenched in Cajun sauce; bacon; diced celery; imported blend of Romano and Parmesan sprinkled on top with oregano; and a final painting of garlic butter on the crust and drizzle of blue cheese after it came out of the oven


We have a chicken based Jambalya pizza. Base is white garlic sauce and mozz cheese, with diced chiken brea$t rolled in a Cajun spice, prawns, chorizo sausage, roasted red peppers, red onion rings and green capsicum rings. Topped with a swirl of white garlic sauce after cooking.

This is a huge seller for us in our gourmet range with10" @ $13 and 13" @ $20.