Anyone Have A Page For Their Store On Facebook?

I think it’s a nice little presence to have, especially if you’re near a campus. Not a game changing tool, but nice. Saw last week that there is an application for The Visa Business Network that you can add to the page and get $100 credit for Facebook advertising. Tried out a few targeting campus and our little town and will probably do more from time to time based on the interest. I suggest putting the special in the header rather than just “Wednesday Special”, those were a lot more effective.

Anyway, just wanted to give a heads up for anyone looking to try some new things.

I have a profile for Daddios Pizzeria and regularly send messages out to the friends. I also have a group Daddio’s Pizzeria Lovers.

I get some business form facebook but have not seen it as a major market.

I agree, I think they’ve designed the website to restrict businesses as much as possible. Just wanted to pass on the info on some decent free advertising. Be careful that you have a “page” and not a “profile” for your business or they’ll delete you if you try to get the coupon (lost a big time page for my production company because of that).

I was thinking about getting a page for my biz and have “fans” and places for them to upload their photos from dining experiences, etc. Maybe have a menu or let people know about special events going on. However, I’m not sure how Facebook handles commercial pages compared to personal ones (I have a personal page and it’s amazing how quickly you can find just about anyone you ever knew and add them to your Friends list.), but I see there are listings for all the “Big Boys.” Anyone know??

i did one about a month ago…definitely does not hurt, but don’t count on getting more business out of it…more for your existing client base…
good place for pics, announcements, special events, etc.