Anyone have any input on having an ATM in your pizzeria?


I was wondering if you all could give me some input on having an ATM machine in your restaurant…I am thinking of having one, but wanted to ask you all if it is worth the investment. I know the results will vary based on the amount of foot traffic and customers in my place, but it seems to me that an ATM could be a great way to generate some extra revenue. Thanks

I looked into having one but the increase in my insurance premiums shot the idea down real fast. In order to cover the increase in insurance premiums I would have needed 20 transactions per day. For me there was no reason to persue the idea any further.

I forgot about insurance. Good point. We take cash only. We looked into them, because we felt we were missing out on sales, especially in Canada where we are from because every business it seems has a ATM . We found them to be expensive to buy, hard to find good service providers if you don’t buy and are not doing a lot of transactions and the big thing was it like using an outside delivery service; if the food is cold when it gets there or any other problems happen, the customer never blames the service they always blame you. We went back to cash. Less headaches

With the increased usage of Debit and CC’s…it’s a small must especially in a business that was once all cash. Now, my provider does a fee split after collecting 100.00 in processing fees. He handles the liability…filling and maintenance…ALL of this is fine with me since it saves me on transaction fees from a CC purchase.

I remember when these machines starting showing up…A couple bars that I used to go from time to time stopped allowing debit transactions…They forced folks to pay by credit card each round and/or withdraw cash from the ATM…I thought the fee was too high and it was inconvenient to pay for each round, so I simply went elsewhere…I am pretty convinced that at the end of the day those places were not any better off…They gained a few $$$s in commissions but lost more in sales than they earned…Before you do anything that upset’s what you have going, get some feedback from your customers…

I have a Quick service pizzeria on one side of the building and a bar on the other… I have an ATM in the bar (which a company comes in and takes care of everything at no cost to me, I take 10% of the $2.50 service charge). Works great for the bar, but no one uses or even asks for one in the restaurant… I maybe get 1-2 people every 3 months asking for an ATM… and to top it off we do NOT and NEVER WILL accept checks from anyone, no one seems to have a problem bringing in cash or using a credit card.

accept CC…dont do the ATM…never liked the idea of screwing your customer for giving your business

Probably the reason for the increase in insurance, which hasn’t been mentioned yet, is that I would tend to think that if word got out you had an ATM, it would open your business up to a potential “snatch and grab”.

We get these all the time here…people back in their truck into the business, in an attempt to knock the ATM on it’s side and run off with it and anything else they can find.

Whether it’s true or not, people “know” that there’s at least $250,000 in any given ATM machine, so I would think that allowing one in your business may put you at this risk because your machine would be less used than one in a grocery store (and more full, maybe, trying to think like a criminal), and to me, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Of course, where I’m located, we have an ATM machine 50 foot away from us at a convenience store, so if anyone gets any declines on their credit side and have no cash…they just go next door and get the cash and come back.

Where did you come up with $250k in an ATM at ANY time?
Around here it’s between $1500 and $5000… $5000 being at the Walmart.

LOL @ 250k… WOW.

I was just watching the dumbest criminals show last night, and these bozos drove their car through the storefront causing thousands and thousands in damage to steal an atm machine that only had a grand in it…

I don’t believe that they hold that much, but you hear people all the time talking about that, especially at the casinos I used to work at.

Perhaps those machines DO hold 250k, as some people will pull $5000 (the max withdrawal limit) out of the ATM there.

Actually, they are not that dumb. Well, okay, they are morons, but they know their law. Stealing an ATM is just a state crime of theft. It will get you some years with probably probation. Robbing a bank get you federal time with NO probation. The crooks know that. They are looking at changing the laws to include ATM’s as part of “banks” making it a federal crime.

This became a huge problem here and both the cops and the stores are making addressing it. Some stores in our are have removed their ATM’s because the damage is hundreds of thousands while the ATM loss is just thousands. These guys are scum. They are the same mindset that will steal a few hundreds worth of copper wire from the top of buildings and cause thousands in damage in the process.

Independent ATM owners (those found in local businesses) usually have around $2000 in them. Bank ATM machines and those at large retailers (Walmart) have much more. The most important questions to answer when considering an ATM purchase is what will your ROI be. ATM’s have come down dramatically in price and so they are looking more attractive to owners as an additional source of income. When you own an ATM, you determine the fee charged to the consumer for it’s use ( $2.00-$3.50) and the owner keeps 100% of that money. You also need to consider, are you going to load the money or pay a service to do it. Maintenance and Insurance also will be factors. If you have additional questions please contact me.

Is it more cost effective to have an ATM or just accept CC’s. As a consumer, the ATM is seen as an inconvenience because the charge is usually huge relative to the amount you might be taking out for pizza. Say 2 bucks on $20, 10%.

I would never recommend using only an ATM at a food service business. The fees would drive business away, not bring it in. The argument for having an ATM is to create an additional revenue stream for the business. Bars, for instance, do well with ATM’s because of impulse cash transactions. This doesn’t work with same for a restaurant.