anyone have any used XLT's or Pro Series ovens for sale?

Hi Pizza World

I would like to upgrade my old MIddleby 360’s with a used XLT or PRo series oven…model numbers
3255 would be great…

I know its a crap shoot but thought Id give it a try…

Big Sal

i will probably have an old eflow(which is the original xlt oven) it is a 3270 2 conveyer type i am in the process of moving my store nad have a double stack of lincoln 1450’s

thanks Fatboy

looking for something made in the last 12 months or so…

hoping someone bought a double stack and has not needed the extra oven and wants to turn it into cash…,
or has a whole double stack for sale…

Thanks Big Sal

There are no used XLT ovens available THAT I KNOW OF. Most of the used conveyor ovens come out of the top franchise companies when the decide to up grade. Right now the XLT ovens are what most of them are upgrading to. If any show up on my radar screen I will let you and a couple of others who have asked know about them.

George Mills

PS the Eflow ovens are quite different than the XLT. They wer made by the same company for a short time but the design was sold off when the XLT was brought out.

in reference to used XLT ovens, I spoke with a guy out in Illinois last week that has a pair of used XLT 3255 ovens for sale. He said they are about 2 years old, but he was offering a 12 month parts warranty with their sale…for whatever it’s worth.

anyone have any used XLT’s or Pro Series ovens for sale?

Hi Big Sal

I have a line on a set of XLT 3255 about 16 months old. As I said I would let you know.
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George Mills