Anyone have experience with restaurant payment club for CC Processing?

I got a postcard in the mail from this company called Restaurant Payment Club. It says that they are a specialty division of Card Payment Direct. Their website is

Their numbers and offer seem pretty good, unless I’m missing something. Have any of you guys heard of them or have any experience with them?

Here’s a picture I took of the postcard:

Those rates are less than interchange, so I assume they are charging that rate on top of interchange… which would make that a pretty bad deal.

Also, any company offering free supplies and paper is probably going to make you lease a machine… also a very bad deal.

I agree with Piper, this is a bad deal. The bottom of the card clearly states that the 10 cents per transaction and the .69% is on top of interchange rates. If I were to switch to this, it would cost me nearly $550 more per month than my current processor. I think I’ll purchase my own paper and supplies.

The latest #'s I could find for Visa’s interchange is for April '14 (restaurant debit)and it showed it being 1.19% + 10¢/swipe. So if you add on the 0.69%, that puts you at 1.88% + 20¢ per swipe.

When I add up all of my CC fees and divide them by my total CC sales, I’m getting 2.05% (swipe fees/all fees included). So yeah, I agree I’d be paying quite a bit more with that company. The total rate with them would come out to about 2.80%.

I thought the rates were different depending on the type of card…So if you take some “premium” cards will that 1.19% be higher?..

You are correct royster13, rates vary by card, and weather swiped or keyed and if keyed weather avs info is inputed. My statement usually has 20 or so different interchange rates in it then I pay an additional 6 cents per transaction.

Not quite processing related…Square Reader now allows you to email invoices…Not something you can do for regular delivery or pickup orders but maybe something useful for catering orders…

AMEX is the one with the big rates. Visa, MC, and Discover are all low rates. For those of you who are opening a new shop, I’d suggest SquareTrade. Attaches to an ipad or your iphone and swipes cards for a monthly fee as long as your sales are under $20k. The fee was $200 when I did it so it may have changed a bit. Check it out though as it’ll save you some coin initially and also it’s a fixed cost so you know what to expect. You can also bypass your POS merchant services and hook it up separately so it still works for your POS and online ordering.

You guys are absolutely correct. Nobody can charge .69% unless they are willing to take a loss. Maybe those are the correct rates? I am guessing that the machine lease or other “fine print” would make up for the difference.

You certainly cannot operate at a loss…