Anyone have Manager Duties Lists

Hey all,
I’m currently in the process of promoting one of my girls to the managers position that has recently opened up. But it’s been so long since I’m had to train a Manager that I can’t remember everything to go over with her. So, I was wondering if anyone has a list of Manager Duties that they use to train with?

as a kitchen manager/asst manager i do this every day:

  • show up 15 min before we open and make sure my openers have everything done
  • go over my list of prep/ordering that needs to be done
  • make sure a the floor manager has rolled in to give banks to the cashiers and open up the keg room so we can turn the gas on for beer and soda
  • check with prep crew to let them know what i need ASAP, and to make sure they haven’t missed anything.
  • jump on the line where ever i am needed, if its slow and i am not needed i start doing prep work at the end of the kitchen so i can keep a eye on the crew.
  • if floor staff is overwhelmed i will jump up front and expedite food, run food, take orders, whatever needs to be done. to keep the pace going.
  • once lunch rush has mellowed out, i assign cleaning/prep tasks to morning staff for them to get done before they leave for the day. do a second check of coolers, make sure we are still good on stock, and prepped items, take care of any issues that come up, work on specials/new recipes.
  • once everyone is on task, i work on my scheduling for the next week, meet with floor managers and go over special events/concerts that we have planned
  • as night crew rolls in, i go over what i want out of them for the night, let them know of any outages, changes to there schedule, or anything that they need to work on as far as food quality.
  • touch base with floor manager, let them know of any staffing issues, or see if they have any staffing issues.
  • jump on the line, and work with the crew through the dinner service, floating to where ever needs help
  • help line get stocked up, get ppl on breaks, assign closing duties/cleaning tasks
  • do my nightly checklist to see what needs to be ordered/prepped for the next day
  • fax off orders, check out with floor manager, go over any issues we had during the day.
  • have a beer, go home

thats just a quick outline of my day, i am also responsible for training any new hires, hiring kitchen staff, firing kitchen staff, all specials(we run bi weekly specials), and of course everything from plumbing issues, cooling system repair, to computer/POS repair.