Anyone have their own Ice Machine?

Hey all,
My Ice Machine is acting up, so I was reading in the on-line manual and apparently it’s suppose to be washed and sanatized every 6 months… i guess i’m 2 years past due :oops:

But Manitowic give part #'s for the cleaner and sanatizer… which I can’t seem to find around here.

So, wanted to know what all of you use to clean then sanatize your ice machines with? I’ve got the 1/2 cube model if that makes any diffrence.

Thanks all!

For the bin, I use a non-causing general cleaner, then sanitize with my QUAT. BE SURE to get the ice catch thingy where the ice falls through. Lots of mildew and mold opportunities. General cleaner and sanitizer is fine.

For the cuber grid, use a very mild cleaner/degreaser and rinse very throughly. QUAT sanitizer; chlorine based will be too harsh on the metal and be reactive. If all else fails, call a local refrigeration guy and ask what he recommends to his customers.

The above is what we have done with previous machines . . . we are currently between machines and hating the price of ice at the local store :frowning:

what is QUAT?

I empty the ice out of the bin and wash with bleach. I hit the pass through as Nick stated and the lip with bleach also.

You can easily take apart the area where ice is made. I take it upart and bring in my garden hose and blast away. I run ice machine cleaner through the cycle and rinse really good. The tubing all comes off and can be soaked in bleach and then blasted with the hose.

One of our machines which is newer has infared eyes in the bin. Every now and again ice will slow down making. The eyes need to be cleaned.

Your machine will either have a metal bar or the eyes. If there is no metal bar, if you stick your head all the way in the bin and look right or left you will see the eyes(with a flashlight) They are tiny.

Good luck.

If you call a repair guy…stand there while he cleans so you don’t have to pay anymore.