Anyone have Wheat Crust on their Menu???

Hello All,

I’m thinking about adding wheat crust to my menu but not sure how to go about it or achieve the desired results.

Has anyone done this and if so could someone give me some guidelines??

Also does it sell with your clienteles???

thank you

Ask J_Rokk - he’s “Wheat State” pizza and sells more wheat crust than the rest of us combined, I think.
I PLANNED to, but ended up pulling it from the menu due to lack of interest.

Yup, I’ve got wheat crust on my menu. The way it’s taken off is actually quite cool. Last time I checked, over 60% of the pizzas we sell are either hand tossed wheat (which is a 50/50 wheat and flour blend) or thin wheat (which is 100% wheat).

You’ve got to be careful with the recipe though. Our hand tossed pizzas contain quite a bit of sugar to give them a “honey wheat” taste. I’m sure, as most of you may know, the taste is quite bland so you’ve got to do this to make it more appealing to the majority of your pizza eating clientele.


i do a hand tossed wheat also,
it is the only hand toss i have. the rest is thin & crackery sheeted(not wheat) sales are 50/50 overall.

like the rokk my crust is not all wheat flour

thanks everyone…your guys are just so wonderful !!!

now, for my own clarification:

  1. your wheat crust is different from “whole wheat” crust, correct?
  2. since its mixed with flour, can you call it just “wheat crust”. And since your thin crust is 100%, do you call them both “wheat crust”?
  3. who’s the manufacturer on the thin crusts, if you don’t mind divulging.

since flour is wheat, I suspect that calling it a wheat crust when mixing whole wheat and bleached flour is quite adequate and not even cheesy (pardon the pun).

I would bet that they make their own dough with the whole wheat in it.


Our hand tossed wheat crust is advertised as a “wheat blend”. Our whole wheat thin crust is advertised just as that.

We make all our dough in the store in our 60 quart Hobart. The thins are mixed, balled, and stored in the walk in for 2 days. Then they are pulled out of the walk in, warmed up, rolled out, then parbaked through the oven for 3:30 @ 300 degrees. They are then placed in sealed containers in the walk in cooler for later use. One batch of thins usually lasts us about 5 days.


Thanks for the info, I’m gonna try it.

Is it sick that we are on this thing a 1:45 am?

if i’m not mistaken, all flour is made from wheat… duh


Not as sick as responding to you @ 2:25 AM the following day.