Anyone having any luck hiring

We are busier than ever right now but I can’t seem to find any employees to hire. I have a core staff in the kitchen that are pulling 6 days a week and 40-50 hours a week. They were ok with it for a while but they are worn out.

I have tried everything I feel like. Craigslist, Facebook jobs, signs and flyers. We haven’t received a single application in 8 weeks. That never happens.

So is anybody having luck hiring and if so how? is where we’re getting applications from. We pay for placement.

It’s drivers we can’t find enough of and shift managers we can’t find any period. We also began closing much earlier because no one wants to work into the a.m. hours during the week.

We are in the same boat, not quite as extreme but hiring right now has been extremely difficult. We are even offering wages far above our competitors and its not really getting any results. I saw a pizzeria yesterday that had a big billboard in front offering $250 sign on bonuses. Like Brad we get our best results from indeed, Facebook sometimes works, craigslist never works anymore.

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Im having no luck at all. Paid for placement on indeed ZERO response.

I cant compete with other industries that offer nights/weekends off $18 to start, health benefits, and I believe other industries provide work that you can do at your own pace, or enough ways to be fake busy.

My friend works in a warehouse and the thing employees do there is find the easiest email to respond to and take the longest possible time to finsh it. If they get anyone who wants to do a good job, they end up leaving bc the good honest workers get rewarded with more work. And the shitty workers get less work bc they suck.

Im hoping we will get back to normal once they stop giving free unemployment benefits to anyone who just doesn’t feel like doing anything.


Maybe try using a hospitality recruiter?

Ha did not realize that this thread was almost 8 months old…if it makes you feel any better I think it has gotten worse since. My core guys in the kitchen that get paid extremely well have all stayed but I did lose 2 guys to Amazon in Jan and have not been able to replace them since. No applications whatsoever. I know the extra stimulus is going away in a few months but honestly I do not think it will get better. All my food distributor (major national players) are having driver issues and now have missed drops due to warehouse picker shortages. Prices need to go up so we can pay employees more is the only solution I can see…

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It has gotten way worse now especially with everything around here reopening at full capacity and every business is competing hard for labor now. We are in MI and pretty much offering $15 an hour starting just to get the apps.

Anyone else having a problem with the few employees they have being high during their shift? How do you handle that? Without having to do their job too

How have you handled it? Haven’t been in that scenario before.

Nothing I can do really just accept it, I watch a guy fall asleep putting pepperoni on a pizza. I have no one to replace this guy, in turn he creates a cancer now everyone else thinks its tolerated.
Lately I know my grill guy is on something, hes late EVERDAY, then goes on break and doesn’t come back for 2.5hrs, uses every excuse in the book. Id have to be the dumbest guy on earth to believe his bullshit.

There are so many orders just slamming us constantly I cant do it on my own, I need them and it’s frustrating.

Its gets so overwhelming in my store, we have someone breakdown and ball their eyes out at least once a week

your options are:
raise prices,
buy products instead of prepping,
invest in equipment that will reduce labor,
shrink your menu, sizes, choices, etc.
We have done all of the above…everybody talks about it getting better in Sept after the extra stimmy is finished, but I am not convinced. For example, the 2 young guys I lost in the kitchen that were making $15/hr went to Amazon for $18. They are never coming back to a hot kitchen. I am preparing for the worst and hoping for the best