Anyone heading to Manhattan for "Pizza Camp"?

After 4 years of trying to schedule it in I’m finally making my way to Tom and Jeff’s “Pizza Production Technology” course at AIB or as I call it, “Pizza Camp” this coming week. Anyone else from the board making their pilgrimage?

I have been contemplating going every year now for the past three years. Always a reason not too. Right now we are in the middle of a growth spurt and I’m trying to hire people. Even in this economy its tough finding labor.

There’s another school that just started up I have been considering as well. Its headed by one of those pizza throwers I think. I believe they have school here in California which is better for me.

The one in Manhattan looks like it is just out in the middle of nowhere. What do do???

My shop is in manhattan. Anyone coming should drop into AJ’s and say hi

I thought the pizza classes were in Kansas. Do they also have a pizza camp in Manhattan?

Manhattan, Kansas

Sorry that was my mistake. I knew there was a pizza class in Kansas, but didn’t realize where in Kansas it was. When I saw the post, I just thought it was Manhattan, NY.

Hello all,

Jeff Zeak here, one of the Practical Pizza Production Technology seminar (October 12-16, 2009) coordinators along with Tom Lehmann “The Dough Doctor” will be hosting a complete pizza seminar curriculum here at the American Institute of Baking (AIB International) in Manhattan, KS.

Thank you for your interest in our seminar we do still have space available.

Visit the links below on the AIB International website for additional seminar information and the seminar brochure on line. … =377&site= … logNbr=377

Additionally visit the link below on the PMQ website to watch a video of Tom Lehmann and I discussing the seminar. … 20&%20Zeak

Also Ann Reichle, owner and operator of Angelina’s Pizza and Angelina’s Creative Catering is a past participant of the AIB International Practical Pizza Production Technology seminar and she would be able to share with you what a learning experience it was for her to participate in our seminar.


Jeff A. Zeak
Pilot Plant Manager
American Institute of Baking
1213 Bakers Way
Manhattan, KS 66502
AIB Tel: (785) 537-4750 EXT. 144
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I highly recommend Jeff and Tom’s course at AIB. I cannot see how a pizza thrower would know as much. Plus, you can try out different ovens and recipes. Be sure to write down and bring all the questions you have.

jzeak: When is the next seminar?

Our next Practical Pizza Course will be offered next October (October 2010) , we normally try to schedule it for either the second or third week of the month.
This years class was a great success, Michael Rasmussen gave some insightful presentations on the financial aspects of operating a pizzeria, and he even offered some free consultation time with the class students. Jeff did a magnificant job of managing the hands-on portion of the class along with our special guest, Diana Coutu (Chef and ouner of Diana’s Gourmet Pizza). Plus we had presentations from equipment suppliers/manufacturers, as well as sauce and cheese suppliers, as well as a timely presentation on making “Healthy Pizza”. The class was even treated to a pizza lunch thanks to the generosity of Adam Payton, owner of AJ’s New York Style Pizza, here in Manhattan. Everyone had a good time, and left here with lots of new information and ideas, as well as taste of more pizzas than we could shake a stick at.
To all of those who attended the class, and those who participated, and made the class possible, Jeff and I say THANK YOU. We’re already beginning to plan for next year’s class, so mark your new, 2010 calendars for our October pizza class.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Big “ditto” to everything Doc posted. The time was very well spent, long days that flew by working in both the classroom and the bake labs with some top line products and equipment. For a newbie like me it was a fantastic time to soak up not only the offical speakers, but even as much from all the other “guys” I was working alongside. The combo of Tom and Jeff is one I’d find hard to beat, there is SO much knowledge of all aspects of this industry it’s amazing.

Adam with AJ’s in downtown Manhattan KS is the REAL deal! He hosted the entire class for slices at lunch one afternoon, he’s got a great operation going, very nice restaurant and is someone ya’ll need to go visit if you find yourself out in Kansas someday.

I’m willing to bet that no pizza-thrower “school” gives us the opportunity to spend time with Rob the creative force driving Lloyd Pans…he was amazing, a very open and honest guy who you could tell was thrilled to talk shop with the folks actually using his stuff. I won’t be surprised to see a couple new creations in their next catalog just based on things different operators were suggesting.

The opportunity to work with mutliple dough styles throughout the week, and the added plus of having most all of the major oven lines represented to bake in is an unbeatable experience.

Highly recommend putting some time on your calendar for next October!

I must be stupid but following the links I was not able to find the cost or the dates.

The dates of the seminar were October 12 - 16, 2009, and the cost was $1,350.00 for the week. We had the course posted here at PMQ, both on the PMQ web site and and in the magazine, plus, Jeff and I did a short video advertisement which appeared right after the PMQ Orlando Pizza Show, not to mention the number of times it was mentioned in posts. We’re always looking for ways to get the word out, so we’re open to any suggestions.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor