Anyone heard from Gobpile...

After their great weekend a couple of weeks ago??? Hopefully their sales have kept going up, up, up…and they just haven’t had time to update us any more. Would love to hear from her though…

Funny, I was thinking about her yesterday. I looked up to see if the website was still there…it is.

Not much of an indicator really - I’ve seen LOTS of websites sitting around after the business is gone. Vice-versa too - websites ignored and out of date, when the business is just fine…

Someone should give 'em a call and ask how things are going.

I hope you’re doing okay Gob! Please consider, however, another name when posting here. My returns on Google searching for your site brought me here. While that may be a good thing, it often is not for customers.


I’m gonna call them this week.

Odd. The first one comes up when I search is their website.

Hi Nick Did you call and check on them. Or has anyone else. I sure hope everything is good with them. It seems as though they were trying so hard to make it work. Hope to hear from them soon…

I didn’t call this time. Been tied up with opening our dining room last couple/few weeks. Sorry.

No, not odd. And, in walked the landlord. First page, google search, 4th link, 3 below it.


Just called their number, and got the “no longer in service” message. Sort of sad to her the reality of a fallen comrade . . . more sad than I thought I’d be.

I definitely hope their lot in life improves after closing their store. I’ll bake one off for them tomorrow night . . . and dedicate my promotion for our Train Wreck pizza to their efforts (eat it in 1 hour to get it free plus t-shirt).

landlord might have forced eviction…