anyone heard of this company?



You can’t remember the name of the company? Have you thought about looking at the site that you posted?

Nah, because you’re just spamming aren’t you?

And that site looks awful. If any regular posters here want a simple site like that (but much more attractive of course) I’ll save them the $300 and do it for them for free.

Piper, Dude, you’re like the spam police! Go Get 'Em!!!

You think? 8) I think this is only the first or second time I’ve confronted a spammer on here. This one just really bugged me, mostly because the product he’s spamming is awful :shock:

At least give us something we can use!



what’s the problem? spam?
Piper got it in everyones head I was spamming??? then i ask him for his site URL so I can look at his site
i asked a f—ing question
no spam
i asked a f—ing question
I got an answer on the other pizza forum anyway, someone over there made the mistake of telling me that there are “professionals” here in the think tank that could help.
they must throw around the term “professionals” pretty loosly
this forum is a f—ing joke
and they wonder why so many small businesses fail…

This was posted in response to my question in the other forum. IT IS A REAL F—KING ANSWER.

I would never in a million years use a site like that. You work so hard to build your business. Why would anyone trust something so important as your web presence to a company you never heard of, hasn’t been around for several years, and hasn’t been extensively used by others you trust.

A few years ago a company that I had entrusted to manage one of my web sites became unresponsive. I spent over a week scrambling around before I was able to get my site back up. Lost a great deal of time and sleep and who knows how much business because the site was down.

I would never cut corners on the quality of my pizzas and, likewise, would never do that for my web site. My advice to you and anyone else is to stick with someone with a proven track record, not an unknown company that sends you something in the mail.

WOW!!! A REAL F—KING ANSWER :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry to say JustPizza but your post follows the pattern of typical spammers…You have no history on this board and make reference to some website right off the top…It is a pattern I have seen in 100s of past post on a number of boards…If we are wrong, please tell us a little bit about your operation…Where are you located?..What caused you to get in the pizza business?..What experience do you have?..And, when you are no longer “annonymous” more folks will be willing to help…

We are located right outsite of Portland, OR. My mother had a bakery/deli business for years in my hometown of Allentown,PA. I grew up going to school and working (for free of course) in the bakery. She never made pizza but had pizza ovens and large mixers to make the bread so I used to mess around with recipies. After college I stayed in Portland. With some help getting a business loan (thanks mom and dad) I bought some used equipment, found a spot, and opened 2 months ago.
Now, I need a website and I was looking for anyone who had experience dealing with this particular company. I received something in the mail so I just assumed that the company was pretty large and someone might have had an experience dealing with them. Apparently, that was a mistake to mention any website or company name. How else was I supposed to find out about them?? I don’t like throwing my money around even if it is just $300

PIPER- I WANT MY FREE WEBSITE :roll: what is your URL so I can see a sample of your site :roll:

Really, welcome to the forum. You will find people here WILL assist and give pretty good info most of the time. Several of us have hot-button issues, and the perception (or misperception) that we are being manipulated or used is sometimes a se4nsitive one. Not three weeks ago, this forum dealt with a guy posing as a member of different things (new owner, student, salesman) in the sames thread . . . all about a somewhat shady marketing ploy for some company that he ended up angering and it got messy all around.

I get many of those adverts for cheap and easy services myself. I find it hard to believe I’ll get something for nothing, so I pitch them. I may have missed out on some bargains, but there you go. We actually build our own site, for good or for ill. Whoever you get to do your build, find out if they expect to host it, is it a template or fresh build page, how frequent you can make changes/how much do edits cost, guaranteed time for recovery from crashes, and who owns any domain name they get for you. You want to own it so you can move it wherever and whenever you need to. You want to own the rights to anything you pay for as well.

simple example of an opening pitch: “Sorry to jump right in guys, but I’m a pizza guy looking to get a website built. I got an offer for a cheap website service, and want to know if there are really any good cheap companies out there I could look at. What should I expect to get for $300”.

And number one rule is not to go on a tirade, use profanity, and make enemies when you are new. Well, never really. But especially when you are new.

Best thing now is to let your handle die. If you choose to return, establish a new one and keep civil. Or you will find very little help indeed. This is a forum of professionals and experts. They will be hesitant to help a loose cannon.

The site I am talking about is I don’t really care at this point whether you think I am spamming or not. The site looks good, has lots of features, such as mapping out directions, polls, customers can print coupons, and some other stuff. I will ask about the updates and domain name. thanks for the advice. I didn’t think of that.

I didn’t mean to get so pissed. :evil:

I said regular members. I’m mostly a taker from the regulars on this forum; I was offering that to give something back. Well, also to make a point that that site isn’t worth anywhere near $300.

Your post sounded awfully spammy, but I’d be willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

But Here’s the problem that I had with your post: was just registered on July 8th. You were here on July 9th saying you received mail from them. Sorry, but I find it difficult to believe that they sent out advertising without having the domain registered yet.

Sorry to accuse you of spamming, but the content of your post along with the above is an awfully large red flag.

Like Nick said, spamming here is a hot-button issue for me. Why? Because I love this site and learn a lot here. As soon as the spammers take over a forum the regulars leave. On a more altruistic front, companies pay good money to have their advertising above. Why should somebody get it for free by posing as a poster? Or follow royster’s lead. He’s obviously here to network and market, but he offers meaningful insights as a valued member of the forum.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I still believe you’re Mr. Hess from

If you’re an actual operator, here’s what I think:

I’d stay a mile away from a website “company” that has been in business for two days. They didn’t even create the site; it’s a basic Joomla template site (notice that the menu has a “filter” option!?) So they’re really not web designers. They’re doing a small amount of work plugging your information into something they received for free (since joomla is open source) or almost free (if they purchased a cheap template.) To make something fancier with joomla you can purchase your own templates; they’re usually under $40.00 for something as simple as the site.

The only information I can find on Mark Hess and Tactical Marketing is a series of press releases from about a month ago stating that they signed an agreement to market for a company called 5suns LLC. They sell a device to aid runners in stretching (found at It appears that 5suns LLC is actually Mark Hess as well.

There’s absolutely no record of “Tactical Marketing” doing anything other than distributing the ez-stretch product. It doesn’t appear they have any experience in web design other than the beststretch website (which is also a joomla template site.)

So if you’re an operator I’d say stay away.

JustPizza put a note on your boxtopper looking for a student to do websites…They work cheap because they are still learning and need stuff for their resume…You would be surprized what you can get for $200 or $300 and some free food…Good luck…