anyone here have flash bake oven?

if so how do you use it in your daily operation?i got a vulcan flash bake pondering if i need it and its usefullness

I had one as a demo for a couple weeks about 5-6 years ago, and man can that thing cook fast! The machine just would not work for me though in the long run. It just was all over the place in the finished product. It would come out perfect sometimes and burnt badly others. Whatever you cooked on got some incredible baked on food that was really hard to get off. They very well may have overcome those problems by now though.

I had a forerunner to that, made by Peerless…was used by some LC’s in their KMART operations…nice thing was it had a real brick deck, no microwaves but controllable quartz lamps…great for reheating slices or finishing subs…would cook a decent 18" pie as well…lamps were a bit expensive, but you could run it w/o all of them…I’d get another one of those, but the one you have is not as good, IMHBAO…Peerless is working on a 3rd Gen, but no details yet…