Anyone in Ft L Florida?

I will be in Ft L next week for a couple of days and always like to visit other indy stores.

No suggestions?

That’s 5 hours south of me and I haven’t eaten anywhere there to recommend to you. I hope it’s a bit warmer there than here, as we’re seeing temperatures in the 30’s at night.

Thanks Paul.
I am flying into Miami Monday night and will be in Fort Lauderdale Monday Tuesday Wednesday and then staying by the Miami airport Wednesday evening and flying out Thursday morning. From what I see on the map anywhere between Miami and Boca Raton would be very doable.

Pizza Fusion is a place to look at. I think out of that area from a discussion I had at Expo.

Also, Power Pizza is a Miami place

Pizza Fusion markets itself as an organic “save the planet” operation. Their product is unimpressive, using par baked skins. I would recommend Anthony’s coal fired pizza on federal highway just a block north of state road 84 or my favorite “Atsa Pizza” on Las Olas Blvd, just east of las Olas and 15th Ave.